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  1. Captain Stacy? I'm probably wrong anyway so just go on with the hint.
  2. Wow, lucky guess. Ok, during Grant Morrison's final arc for writing JLA, he killed off a superhero. Who was said superhero and what 2 items did he get his powers from? (Hint: Morrison used to write a book about him until DC canceled the title.)
  3. Was it when he got burned by tibetan monks when they made a mask for him and put it on his face before it cooled? or was it before that?
  4. WOO!! Okay, during the Age of Apocalypse, Gambit had his own team. What was the name of the team and who was on said team? (I"m looking for 5 names)
  5. S.H.I.E.L.D? Or was it the CIA?
  6. Correctamundo. Go ahead, DanMan.
  7. Right group, but i was asking for their names.
  8. Yay. Ok, when the JLA went back in time to rescue Aquaman, they fought against a group of superbeings. Name them. (hint: there were 7 of them)
  9. Zealot. Sorry I didn't realize there was a second part.
  10. Drubot


    Yeah I'm all caught up with the chapters. Can't wait for this week's one (Rock Lee + Sake=Pure fighting gold!!). Only now i'm starting to watch the anime because I found a place where i can download it without using bittorrent.
  11. The Black Marvel? Dunno which comic though.
  12. Okay, that makes much more sense. But what about Hamill?
  13. Yes... :twitch: Wha?! Conroy's not the voice of Batman anymore?
  14. Yeah, I think my question is too hard. The answer was Joe Pi and Irma Geddon's partner, Girl One, died when the Commissioner came to the precinct and started a big battle. There's more to it, but I forgot all the details. Ok new question. In Transmetropolitan, what were the nicknames of the old and the new President of the United States?
  15. Haha. Next time say it like Funaki. Okay, in Alan Moore's Top Ten, who's Irma Geddon's new partner, and who killed her old partner?
  16. Martian Manhunter with Batman (JLA) Batman to Wolverine (Amalgam) Wolverine to Cerberus (I dunno if this really happened) Cerberus to Spawn
  17. I have no clue but I'll guess anyway. Mighty Mouse?
  18. :rockon: I really loved this show. The only thing I didn't like was when Max found out Terry was Batman.