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  1. Superhuman Samurai Cybersquad maybe?
  2. Are any of the DC absolute edition books worth purchasing?
  3. The only one I can think of right now is Elfen Lied. I don't know if that helps at all?
  4. My favorite moment was from the justice league unlimited finale. It was the scene where Superman and Darksied are about to fight and superman gives him the speech on how he has always had to hold back his power incase he were to ever hurt anybody. He then tells him that he is not going to hold back and cleans his clock with one awesome punch( A punch that shatters buildings around him from the impact no less).
  5. This movie just looks plain awful. If the trailer sucked that bad I can't begin to imagine how terrible the movie will be.
  6. Halo 3, Devil May Cry 4, Mass Effect, Heavenly Sword, SSBB
  7. I just bought Hellsing ultimate 2 today.I then found out that there is a special edition. Does anyone know what the difference is?
  8. I'm sorry for your loss Dread. I hope you are able to grieve and remember all the good times you had with her.
  9. They have already made this game it's called The Sims :devil:
  10. My favorite writers right now are the same as yours stavros(seriously, but in all fairness they are pretty popular writers) as well as the books you selected, So I don't want to echo the same picks. I would also add Joss Whedon and his amazing run on asthonishing x-men and reccomend his new buffy season eight series.
  11. Dr Doom to the DC universe
  12. I think a Spidey / Jazz Variant would be awesome!