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  1. Has anyone read any X-23 books or trade's? I think the character is cool but I don't know if any of her trade's are worth getting?
  2. Sion

    Games on the DS

    I hope that Justice for All isn't as hard to come by.
  3. That's too bad it sounds like it would make a great ongoing series.
  4. Sion

    Games on the DS

    Has anyone played Phoenix Wright? Phoenix Wright:Justice for all is being released in two weeks and I wanted to hear any thoughts or opinions about the first game.
  5. I was wondering if there will ever be a sequel to Samurai Champloo. It just started airing here in Canada and I have been hearing about a second season? are they reffering to episodes 18-26 or a full blown sequel?
  6. Fray sounds awesome i'm definately going to give that a read. Thanks for all the suggestions and recomendations guys Let me know what you think of Fray. I got a marvelholic friend of mine the first Invincible book for christmas after I reshelved my collection and realised I have more Indy comics than Marvel now. I really must emphaise that many writers like Brian K Vaughan, Ed Brubaker or Robert Kirkman do their best work on the books they do outside the big two. I was just curious is there just one Fray TPB or is there more?
  7. To unlock the Silver Surfer you have to complete evey character's simulation missions. It can be a real pain for some characters but I'd say that the Surfer is worth it.
  8. You think that's something, you should see our friend's place. Also, regarding your Gundam SEED super fanboy love....I think I'm going to like you. Thanks I'll always have a special place in my heart for Gundam Seed.
  9. Your rant was awesome :urock: but I think you should definately invest in an Xbox 360 it's nothing but fun and you can watch UFC on it :whistle:
  10. I've never really gotten into SAC but the first season is out on dvd so I'm going to pick it up and give it a shot.
  11. Fray sounds awesome i'm definately going to give that a read. Thanks for all the suggestions and recomendations guys
  12. That's a pretty sweet collection you have got
  13. Sion

    World War Hulk

    I never really thought about that but it is a really good point. You talk about all the science-minds but Wolverine would be a sociology and anthropology genius. Back to WWHulk; The more I think about it the more I come to this decision: Hulk needs to win to keep credibility and to not make the story anti-climatic. I fear if he doesn't win he would go the way of Aquaman/Namor. DC/Marvel always tell us how powerful they could be but they never suceed. I've pretty much decided that for me to take them seriously again, they would have to make an attempt to take over the land-world and pretty much suceed. The Hulk is pissed at Reed and Tony. To satisfy my hopeful requirements, he would have to "take out" at least one of them. I'm not really sure how he could rock Reed without just putting him in the hospital for... then length of time that the alternate FF fills the FF books. For Tony, it could appear like Hulk takes out Ironman and Tony just goes into hiding and runs shield full-time and Hulk is none-the-wiser. I think when the Hulk finally returns to earth he's gonna end up not killing Reed or Tony. Instead he's going to kill sombody trying to get to Reed or Tony and it will be a major character. The death of this character is going to be the point that starts the war of the Hulk vs the Earth. This will then prove Tony and Reed's point of him being too dangerous to be on earth and could possibly reunite some of the character's who have fallen out as a result of Civil War. The Hulk is an engine of destruction normally but you then throw in the fact that he had been exiled from earth by Bruce's very own friends, the rage that will boil up inside of him will create a very, very unstopable Hulk who can't be beaten by any one hero or group alone. Tony being the futurist that he is will then point out that allowing the Hulk to wreak havoc on earth to get a few individuals would be crazy because he wouldn't just hurt Charles or Reed he would flatten anyone or anything that got in his path. It is going to have to be a group effort on everyone's part if they want to prevent the Catastophe that the Hulk is going to bring with him.
  14. Here is my current collection of anime: -Cowboy Bebop Remix vol 1-6 -Samurai Champloo 1-7 -Fullmetal Alchemist vol 1-13 and COS -Gundam Seed vol 1-10 -Hellsing vol 1-4 -Hellsing OVA vol 1 -Eureka Seven vol 1-5(will buy the remaining volumes as they are released) -Street fighter 2 the animated movie -Final Fantasy VII:Advent children -Appleseed -Akira I also plan on picking up all of Gundam Seed Destiny(I think they are currently at vol 5 or 6) and the three Gundam Seed movies.
  15. I just finished watching it all I can say is followed by I love the intro with Alucard and Luke definately is no longer a bitch.
  16. Sion

    Games on the DS

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback. I'll pick it up this week. Any other games worth picking up?
  17. That's still to far off the first OVA was amazing I can't wait for the second.
  18. It never locked mine up, but if you don't have an HD TV, you might have a lot of problems playing it because the text is way too small. @Sion I've had mine since day one, and have never had a problem with it. They didn't fix anything, because there were no design flaws, just some broken systems. Fair enough :happy: although it hasn't been released yet I would reccomend considering Lost Planet. A demo is avaliable on the marketplace for single player and multiplayer and both are amazing.
  19. Awsome list I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!!. I'll just start off with Bone, Sandman, Invincible and hellboy. They are all reasonably priced on amazon and this way I won't break the bank :happy: your recomendations are always apprecieated. So please keep them coming.
  20. Thanks for the suggestions. What is Spider-Man: Blue about?
  21. Sion

    Final Fantasy XII

    Yiazmat may have 50 million+ health points but Omega mark requires you entire party to be maxed out before even attempting to get your ass kicked. Has anyone unlocked all the espers yet? Zodiark is supposed to be incredibly powerful once you get him.
  22. When is OVA 2 going to be released in North America?
  23. I have recently gotten back into reading comic books in the past year. This is due to the Fantastic show that Yoda produces and the neverending onslaught of superhero movies that are being released . I was looking to get some recomendations for must have TPB's and graphic novel's. I currently have the following and I am looking to expand into a library's worth: Runaways vol 1 HC Marvel Knights Spider-Man HC (Christmas gift) Ultimate Spider-Man vol 1 TPB Ultimate X-men vol 1 TPB Asthonishing X-men Gifted TPB Young Avengers Sidekicks TPB Batman:The Dark Knight Returns TPB Batman Hush:Absolute Edition (Christmas gift) The Death of Superman TPB Y: The last man vol 1 TPB Y: The last man vol 2 TPB Spawn Collection vol 1 TPB (Christmas gift) Halo Grapic Novel (Christmas gift) Any suggestions would greatly be apprieciated and could hopefully be used for refrence by future members.
  24. Sion

    Games on the DS

    I'm totally new to the series. Sad I know. I only have New Super Mario for my DS and I'm looking for new games that are worth picking up.
  25. I've had no problems with my 360 at all. I would also guess that the newer 360's would have these bugs worked out ny now.