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  1. Yes, Yes it does. I was just wondering who everbody is currently using for a team? I members I am using as my team right now are: Iron man Silver Surfer Spidey Thor
  2. Sion

    Xbox Live

    My Gamertag is SmartHook. If you have a 360 and want to throw down add me
  3. In no particular order: 1. Trigun 2. Samurai Champloo 3. Gundam Seed 4. Fullmetal Alchemist 5. Macross 6. Eureka Seven 7. Hellsing 8. Cowboy Bebop 9. Akira 10. Ghost in the shell
  4. Sion

    Games on the DS

    Has anyone tried the new Castlevania yet? is it worth picking up?
  5. Gears of war is a must own for the 360. I would also reccomend Dead rising, it's fun and has a ton of replay value. You also can't go wrong with ultimate alliance, especially if you have live. It's always fun clobberin with friends