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  1. ahahhaha hahahahah ahahah aha ha i just got the radioactive cat thing... pure genius
  2. well.. er... Storm wanted 20 million for a movie, so they're gonna make her jump around in a skin tight leather suit
  3. oh, i wasnt arguing or anything, i was just trying to bash highlander
  4. no way is ness the same. his PK thunder goes about two feet instead of the 64 versions 12 feet, and it only knocks ness a few inches. kibry is cheep as hell
  5. yeah but your forgetting how much it cots to rent 3 friends for the evening... so thats like... $25 x 3 = $75
  6. anyone who's interested in playing online drop me a line, AIM kumu00001. if enough people join we can start a clan, haha, right? you only need three people and a domain name for that, easy. screw it, this message board should just start a multigaming clan for the hell of it. yeah, do that.
  7. duke fucking nukem 3D, trash talking, rockets, naked pixilated girls, and a universe of custom maps and expansions. so what if these new ranfangled games are "Realistic", i'd rather kick someone in the ass who's firing a rocket launcher at me than storm normandy
  8. fuck 100 bucks, the hdd can lick me, thats why i have a computer. just by FF CC, a GBA, link cable, and 3 friends, much cheeper
  9. id have to agree with the claim that this game blows. i was this close (holds fingers super close) to getting the 64 versions source code tattooed on my ass, thats how much i love that game, then this bastardized version came out and i cried. so what if there's 4000000 things to unlock, so what if there's 3 dozen characters! they set the speed on 'hyper active', made the levels waaaaaaaay too small (except hyrule which is so freakin big that i cant see my dude unless im 2 inches away from the screne), made throws impossible, and most of all NESS SUCKS IN THE NEW ONE! WHY GOD WHY?!?! but,
  10. why cant they do that, huh? look at the Highlander series. not only did they ignore the previous movies but they ignored half of a couple. i was pissed the guy from PI and Requim for a Dream wasnt going to do the scarecrow script
  11. everything but catwoman. the breakdown is as follows SMII - Dr. Octopus Blade III - if this instalment is as bad or worse than the previous two, they can have my 8 bucks on a silver platter. Hellboy - finally a role where Ron Pearlmen doesnt need makeup Punisher - jerry bruckhimer and michael bay only wish they could tackle this project; a dude who just goes around acing people with a never ending arsenal when does fantastic four come out?? i cant wait to go make fun of that one opening night...
  12. here's my big question for anyone who's got answers. i lost faith in dark horse right about the time AvPvT came out, and ever since then have not picked up a new issue. i've been too afraid. can anyone inform me if they've stoped sucking since then?