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  1. I'm a bit bummed you guys didn't talk more about Double Impact. I think it's hilarious... And as far as other actors in it, the great Bolo Yeung, or "Chinese Hercules" is legendary in martial arts films, going back to "Enter the Dragon" almost 20 years earlier. After hearing about it, I'm going to have to watch JCVD, but I have to recommend to Bloodsport as his best film... Even VD himself has admitted to it in numerous appearances on talk shows while promoting a new film.... When asked what were the two favorite films that he'd been in, he'd always seem to say "Bloodsport and (wh
  2. It all looked very overtly stereotypical to me, but so does so much of the rest of star cops. Again, I work with japanese (from Japan, but also japanese American) and they DO mix up the R and L, from time to time, depending on their level of fluency in English. There is a very real linguistically relevant reason that they do that, just like Germans really do tend to use the V sound in place of a W when they speak English. Back to the japanese... they actually mix up R and L in writing when they are thinking of things phonetically and just writing them out. An engineer with whom I work put
  3. "In warm blood"....Issues I have with the stereotyping: Anna Shoun: 1. I don't think it makes sense to overdo the Stereotyping of a Japanese who has a western name. Unless japanese giving their kids western names has come into fashion in this sci fi future, Japanese with western names are usually born in the west and/or have one parent who isn't Japanese. 2. Shoun? I have and do work with a lot of japanese. I knew a kid whose given name was "Shun", but i can't think of a single Japanese surname that I've encountered that is only one syllable. That brings me to
  4. Deer Tick

    Episode 478

    A belated thanks for discussing The Phantasm series. I just watched Phantasm V: Ravager and have to say that I'd like to see a spinoff series with that guy "chunk". It'd be good to see someone who is both a dwarf and now a bit handicapped playing a heroic role.
  5. it appeared to me that the pool table on board the Ronald Reagan had a bunch of either red or yellow balls. What on earth is going to happen to good old fashioned american eight ball pool? also, I'd be very interested to hear about "galloping galaxies." according to wiki it was only two seasons, a total of ten episodes, and no commercial release ever occurred.
  6. A couple film did like to see in any following seasons.... "Revenge of the cheerleaders" and "Damnation alley."
  7. I'm glad you guys decided to cover star cops. I enjoyed the series, with all it's cold-war intrigue and politics between nations. We've left the age of the giant mainframe computer and entered the age of the Sony Walkman and household PC, so the enormous aquarium that was ORAC is not there, instead we have the handheld personal assistant, "box." Excellent. That danged theme tune. 1.Somehow the version in my head has a lot more sort of funky synth-bass line "it won't be easy (bow wa na bop bop) with out you..." making it a bit more fun, a bit more disco or something, and both bet
  8. A bit late, but.... castaway Big Terminal... Especially as a reliable source informs me of some interesting connections in this to his personal life
  9. Thanks so much for discussing this. I recently watched it and would agree with most everything you said, especially that Ben doesn't look right. He looks like Lurch from Addams Family, if anything.
  10. Just watched sensorites on DVD. There's a nice extra on it with Toby Haydoke investigating who Peter R Newman (author of Sensorites) was.
  11. Thanks for an informative and enjoyable listen, which also tickled the neurons of nostalgia a bit.
  12. I have a bit of an issue with Snoke and the emperor before him... How is it that these ugly, stereotypically evil looking individuals seduce people to joining the dark side? They have these giant holographic projections that loom threateningly over you, they scowl and bare their teeth.... I'd prefer that they appeared to be less evil, and more nuanced.
  13. I personally hope Rey isn't related to the Skywalkers. One thing that I don't like about Star Wars in general is that it seems like a big family reunion show. The galaxy should be huge, but the time to travel between systems is minimal and everyone important is related to the Skywalkers. I like the fact that Kylo Ren is an insecure wannabe... to me that makes him really scary, because it makes sense that people who are insecure and trying to prove themselves can be pretty dangerous. Do we really expect Ren to have survived? Speaking of Ren, we had the Sith before, now we have the "Rens?" W
  14. Quick thought: if paramount were to look at what axanar has done, it sounds like they have put out a work that the fans really like and are willing to support... The argument that this is the trek that the fans want sounds valid. At what point might it not be a bad idea for a studio to partner with such a production to make it official? The sounds like a simple idea, and I'm sure details would be tricky, but a studio could benefit by letting amateurs prove a storyline to be popular with fans, and then they could run with it. I'm thinking of a way to let fans and fanfic help guide what the
  15. Gosh, speaking of Tolkien.... it seems that he borrowed a bit from Beowulf for "The Hobbit." Quite a major part of the story, actually.