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    DC reboot

    I've completely given up on DC Comics since the reboot. I spent so much time getting emotionally invested the post-Crisis universe, learning far more about it than I ever possibly needed to, and now I just can't bring myself to care about a new continuity. Especially when 95% of the creative teams do absolutely nothing for me.
  2. Just finished Battlestar Galactica. The 'net tells me there's a lot of dispute over the final episodes quality, but I greatly enjoyed them. Sure, it didn't solve every dangling plot thread and probably doesn't make any real sense, but it was fun. I'd be first in line for a proper sequel series or TV movie set on current Earth. Battlestar Galactica- The Plan- The plan obviously being to spend 10 minute writing this pointless addendum. Paul- Kind of amusing on its own, but really disappointing considering the hopes for a new Pegg/Frost written film. I guess what this film perhaps proves is
  3. Suckerpunch: They spent all that money on the CGI to try and cover up for the terrible acting, right? Other than that I'm not sure what the hell to think about this film, since the quality of the visuals (and by that I mean the actresses) completely distracted me from forming a coherant critical thought. I'm even trying to do it now but can't because Vanessa Hudgens.
  4. Haven't posted on Earth-2 in a while, so this seems like the place to start. I'm currently watching... Game of Thrones- One of my favourite new shows of the past few years. The ending to episode 9 leading into the finale was jaw-dropping. Batman Beyond- I've been going through the DCAU show by show, and after some of the banality of Superman TAS this is a lot more enjoyable. Chris Sims at Comics Alliance pointed out that it's essentially Spider-Man in a batsuit bantering with Bruce Wayne. Good stuff, on the 2nd series now. Battlestar Galatica- Been very slowly watching this with a fr
  5. My bet would've gone on the next film being Superman/Batman- The Supergirl from Krypton. Maybe Apocalypse is that with a different name, although probably not. As long as it's not that shitty story arc with the fake Ultimates.
  6. Sorry dude, but I can't buy that. Marvel's biggest comic of the moment is about a battle between hundreds of superheroes and villains taking place on an island floating over America which happens to be Asgard, home of the Norse gods. At the crux of that, the strongest superhero of them all has just turned into his Lovecraftian alter-ego, just after murdering Ares, the Greek god of War. Marvel has more street level heroes, yeah, but one of them literally sold his marriage to the devil, and Marvel's grittiest street hero of them all is currently a nightmarish combination of undead man and mac
  7. Just finished watching all of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe, which is a fantastically cynical programme about television itself. Also just finished Adventures of Batman & Robin, with New Adventures lined up next. Just saw Mystery of the Batwoman, too, but I thought it was pretty dire. Also, the Hulk vs. DVD, which I was pleasantly suprised with, and I particularly liked the vs. Wolverine one.
  8. I've been switching back and forth between: Bones- Season 4 Star Trek: TNG- Series 7 Eureka- Series 3 Dragonball (Just finished the Tien-Shinhan Saga) Batman: TAS (around ep 40)
  9. Been playing a freind's copy of Res 5. It seems pretty entertaining so far, although much of that is down to me being dazzled by the pretty graphics.
  10. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought Guitar Hero III (on the PS2, and I didn't like the look of World Tour's song selection). Thought it would be a good idea playing it on easy mode first, except now my attempts to move to medium are proving to be pathetic since I just can't get used to having to use the fourth chord.
  11. Marvel vs. Capcom II on the X-Box, trying to unlock every character. It's usually a team of Ryu, Cable, and either Dhalsim or Omega Red for me.
  12. Jim Valentino's Shadowhawk, which is probably my favourite of all the earlier Image Comics creator stuff. With the AIDs story it seems that Valentino was actually trying to do something interesting and thoughtful with his character, as opposed to generic crap like Youngblood.
  13. Been reading bits and pieces of stuff from Rob Liefeld's Awesome Comics company. Makes me wonder why he bothered, and then further wonder as to what the fuck Alan Moore was doing helping him out.
  14. Luke

    The Music Thread

    Mostly Dope Stars Inc- Neuromance, Metallica Ride the Lightning, and for the first time in a while Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power. So there.
  15. Yeah, Last Laugh is a lot of fun. Joker's also pretty awesome in one of the final parts of No Man's Land, although that would be more helpful if I could remember which one.
  16. Fuck me, that's Katcha from Neighbours.
  17. Luke

    The Music Thread

    In other news- Tiamat- Amanethes- Good new album from an established metal band I'm just starting to get into. Type O Negative- Dead Again- A fair few months after its release, I'm really beginning to appreciate this one more. Type O are weird like that; at first their music sounds like your average metal that you either like or dislike, but after listening more carefully the intricacies become far more apparent. Combichrist- Everybody Hates You- Because there’s nothing like a bit of Aggrotech to brighten my day.
  18. Luke

    The Music Thread

    Yes, everybody everywhere should listen to Nick Cave, and worship him as a God. Complete with bloody virgin sacrifices.
  19. Ha, me too. From Woolworths, right?
  20. Luke

    The Music Thread

    Midnattsol- Nordyls, which is the best new symphonic/folk metal album I've heard in ages.
  21. Luke

    Is Adsense worth it?

    I'd just been watching Angel when I typed that.
  22. Luke

    Is Adsense worth it?

    You're all fired.
  23. I've started collecting the Marvel Bearz models. So far I've got Wolverine, Hulk, Punisher and Venom, since they were at the store. The only model there that I didn't buy was Carnage, since it reminds me of Maximum Carnage, which might be the worst series of comics I've ever read. I'm not sure if this behaviour is/should be considered pathetic or not.
  24. I've begun an epic/pathetic quest to watch through the entire Dragonball trilogy from beginning to end. I'm on episode eight of about sixteen million.
  25. I'm gonna plump for Deadpool too, as I really appreciated much of the character development he got during C&D. I really hope Way doesn't abandon all of that for the start of the future singles book.