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  1. Like anything it mostly depends on the writer, but I do like the post-Dark Knight Returns stuff written by guys like O'Neill and Moench, where Miller's influence is key and combines well with the type of stuff Denny O'Neill likes to write anyway. I really like that period, up until Chuck Dixon came along.
  2. Goddammit, I really liked that book.
  3. Been reading through Judge Dredd: The Complete Casefiles Volume 1 (with volumes 2-6 also sitting on my shelf). It's fantastic, both retro and futuristic, with a nicely concieved setting and an art for quick yet meaningful storytelling.
  4. Read Adam- Legend of the Blue Marvel. Wish I hadn't bothered.
  5. Been playing a freind's copy of Res 5. It seems pretty entertaining so far, although much of that is down to me being dazzled by the pretty graphics.
  6. Luke

    Battle for the Cowl

    Grant Morrison's interview with IGN regarding his upcoming Batman and Robin series seems to give tha game away, unless he's swerving us;
  7. Finished Peter Milligan's Sub-Mariner- The Depths. Nice to see someone using Marvel's MAX line in a different manner to the way most others have. This is essentially a horror story where Namor is the mythical, somewhat ghostly monster whose presence terrifies those looking for Atlantis. Much of it seems a homage to the ghost/monster stories of the Victorian age, and perhaps a cross between Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft.
  8. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought Guitar Hero III (on the PS2, and I didn't like the look of World Tour's song selection). Thought it would be a good idea playing it on easy mode first, except now my attempts to move to medium are proving to be pathetic since I just can't get used to having to use the fourth chord.
  9. Started reading Warren Ellis' Gravel and became immediately hooked. Read every issue so far now (although I still need to get the four or five Strange Kisses miniseries that came out before this ongoing) and it's quickly joined The Boys as my two favourite ongoings in comics.
  10. Various issues of Robin, since it's ending soon. It's amazing to see just how boring a writer Chuck Dixon is. DC gave him plenty of time to play about with Batman and pals, and his story arcs seem to go absolutely nowhere and involve minimal character development.
  11. Sandman Mystery Theatre. Not at all what I was expecting, and I'm struggling to like much of it.
  12. Batman- Death of Innocents by Denny O'Neil and Joe Staton. Batman verses the danger of landmines. The story itself is exactly what I was expecting; a by-the-numbers moralistic tale with a couple o' shock moments designed to alert the reader to the message. It's all for a great cause, but not a great read, but I loved the beautiful retro-esque artwork.
  13. Brian K. Vaughan's Pride of Baghdad Vertigo graphic novel, and it basically made me cry like a sissy girl.
  14. Luke

    Final Crisis

    I'm going to stay out of the Morrison/Batman debate, and just say three small things; 1. I'm loving Final Crisis to death. 2. That final page of issue 6 absolutely blew me away. 3. Issue 7 plz.
  15. Onomatopeia was a cool character concept and design, but the first two issues of this series have been bland crap. There's only so many times you can read the villain saying 'blam' (and basically doing nothing else) without losing interest.
  16. Denny O'Neill's late 80's The Question series. The more O'Neill I read, the more I appreciate his well-honed, atmospheric stories and ranged dialogue styles that give even the smaller characters further personality. There're also plenty of apperances from Richard Dragon, Green Arrow and Lady Shiva (plus some Dark Knight), linking the series in style and theme to Mike Grell's post-Crisis Green Arrow run. On top of that, there's an issue of this series where Vic Sage reads a copy of Watchmen and starts dreaming that he is Rorschach, which I thought was weirdly fantastic Thumbs fully up.
  17. Marvel vs. Capcom II on the X-Box, trying to unlock every character. It's usually a team of Ryu, Cable, and either Dhalsim or Omega Red for me.
  18. Superman- The Wedding and Beyond. I bought it because it was cheap. It was also a pile of shit.
  19. Plus it's missing the 'u' in colour. :smile:
  20. I usually love the stylised realism (if that makes sense) of guys like Michael Turner and Marc Silvestri. At the moment I'm digging Leoardo Manco on Hellblazer a lot.
  21. Jim Valentino's Shadowhawk, which is probably my favourite of all the earlier Image Comics creator stuff. With the AIDs story it seems that Valentino was actually trying to do something interesting and thoughtful with his character, as opposed to generic crap like Youngblood.
  22. Luke

    My iPod died

    I thought mine had died a week ago when my computer refused to recognise any connection, so I left it plugged in and left the house for a couple of hours. The God of MP3's answered my prayers and when I returned it was working. I'm really paranoid now because I just can't afford to get another. Fucking modern technology. Why can't it all be like my faithful, wonderful and impervious N64?
  23. Been reading bits and pieces of stuff from Rob Liefeld's Awesome Comics company. Makes me wonder why he bothered, and then further wonder as to what the fuck Alan Moore was doing helping him out.
  24. Luke

    The Music Thread

    Mostly Dope Stars Inc- Neuromance, Metallica Ride the Lightning, and for the first time in a while Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power. So there.