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  1. Luke

    Final Crisis

    Yeah, I enjoyed it, although I do suspect that FC will altogether read a lot better as a TPB.
  2. The whole issue was awesome. Marvel now needs to pay Joss a thousand billion dollars to write Spider-Man plz.
  3. Yeah, Last Laugh is a lot of fun. Joker's also pretty awesome in one of the final parts of No Man's Land, although that would be more helpful if I could remember which one.
  4. You've got all my sympathies, mate. Don't push yourself to write if you don't feel like it.
  5. I always kind of thought that Arnie could've made a decent Mr. Freeze had the film's script been not the drizzling shits.
  6. Yes. Actually, I don't know.
  7. Yeah, I go Hulk. He could kill you with a single fart.
  8. I went for Chamber of Secrets for both options, since not only do I really like it, but Columbus did a great job of translating the more sinister aspects while still making it a great adventure for kids. And I'm really just a big kid.
  9. Fuck me, that's Katcha from Neighbours.
  10. Luke

    The Music Thread

    In other news- Tiamat- Amanethes- Good new album from an established metal band I'm just starting to get into. Type O Negative- Dead Again- A fair few months after its release, I'm really beginning to appreciate this one more. Type O are weird like that; at first their music sounds like your average metal that you either like or dislike, but after listening more carefully the intricacies become far more apparent. Combichrist- Everybody Hates You- Because there’s nothing like a bit of Aggrotech to brighten my day.
  11. I'm too lazy to do 10; 5. X-Men TAS 4. Justice League 3. Batman TAS 2. Spider-Man TAS 1. Samurai Jack
  12. Luke

    DC Universe #0

    After reading it, I must say I kind of liked it. It's mostly an interesting preview of what's to come for each of the major DC characters and it's written pretty nicely. The whole thing's an onimous set-up for the DCU as a whole, and so more of an advert than anything else. I totally had to have the ending explained to me by this topic btw.
  13. Luke

    The Music Thread

    Yes, everybody everywhere should listen to Nick Cave, and worship him as a God. Complete with bloody virgin sacrifices.
  14. Ha, me too. From Woolworths, right?
  15. Ah, yes, but the Cyborg Superman had just been exposed to a huge amount of Kyptonite, while Supes had, thanks to The Eradicator, just returned to full power. Nerdy nerd nerdness.
  16. Luke

    The Music Thread

    Midnattsol- Nordyls, which is the best new symphonic/folk metal album I've heard in ages.
  17. The Wesley Snipes that I know would kick that judge's ass and then walk off into the sunset.
  18. Luke

    Is Adsense worth it?

    I'd just been watching Angel when I typed that.
  19. Luke

    Is Adsense worth it?

    You're all fired.
  20. I've started collecting the Marvel Bearz models. So far I've got Wolverine, Hulk, Punisher and Venom, since they were at the store. The only model there that I didn't buy was Carnage, since it reminds me of Maximum Carnage, which might be the worst series of comics I've ever read. I'm not sure if this behaviour is/should be considered pathetic or not.
  21. I've begun an epic/pathetic quest to watch through the entire Dragonball trilogy from beginning to end. I'm on episode eight of about sixteen million.
  22. But which one's which? Thanks everybody.
  23. I'm gonna plump for Deadpool too, as I really appreciated much of the character development he got during C&D. I really hope Way doesn't abandon all of that for the start of the future singles book.