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  1. Luke

    A sad day

    My original X-Box has officially become merely a DVD player, the big-ass controller sitting gathering dust in the corner.
  2. This thread has gone off in a very disturbing direction.
  3. I think you should give that guy a sonic wall of violence.
  4. Why haven't I been released on DVD yet?
  5. Luke

    The Music Thread

    I'm currently obsessed with The Darkness' song 'Love On The Rocks With No Ice' because it's absolutely fucking awesome.
  6. I wonder which contemporary television programme it was which inspired NBC to 'create' this series which just happens to feature a man stuck on a strange and remote island.
  7. Luke

    The Music Thread

    They need to film that story and show it every Christmas.
  8. As an animal lover who is often too lazy to learn things by himself, I thought this was pretty interesting. Just one thing... I'm not. Unless you count that ugly shopkeeper last week.
  9. rvw ths plz I wanna get back into reviewing stuff , but the laziness overwhelmes me like Starro the Conqueror.
  10. Sega initially, with a Master System, Mega Drive, and then a Saturn. When the Saturn died I finally converted and got an N64, which I adored. Then I relented and picked up a second-hand Dreamcast, which I absolutely loved. And then I got a Gamecube. I seem to have this habit of always buying the losing console.
  11. Luke

    Fable 2

    I loved Fable, it was my favourite X-Box game, and I'm very tempted to finally get a 360 for this. I always found it really difficult to go fully evil in the first game. no matter how much I convinced myself I wanted to be a bastard, I could. I just couldn't. I couldn't even bring myself to kill my sister and take the master sword thingy at the end.
  12. I've almost exclusively been playing N64 ROMs recently, and I've just finished 1080 Snowboarding and Wave Racer 64. The former was as much fun as I remember it being, as the only snowboarding game I've played where it actually feels like you're racing on snow as opposed to a racing track. Wave Racer 64, meanwhile, was a huge amount of fun. I'd forgotten how great it was, particularly when on championship mode with some heavy metal playing in the background.
  13. Luke

    The Music Thread

    "Big" is a subjective term but I thought Love Metal was one of the best albums of 02 (or 03?) and they are one of the greatest live bands I have ever seen (out of something like 700 bands). Fucking great live band. I love HIM. But, I have a confession I prefer Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 better than Love Metal and Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 combined. It has an acoustic version of The Funeral of Hearts and Please Don't Let It Go ( I have a thing for acoustic guitars) And Dread I have a bone to pick with you. First you see Alexisonfire, then you solid gold guitar shaped pool filled with whiskey (even though I'm not old enough to drink), you live in Canada which is a way better place than America, And you saw HIM live. Bastard Correction: I saw HIM live in Edinburgh, Scotland. And yes, I am a bastard. Muhahahaha In the competition to annoy The Joker's Groupie I've seen HIM four times, one of them at Wembley supporting Metallica. First time I saw them they were supported by Anathema, which was an awesome surprise. Anyway, right now I'm listening to Paradise Lost for the first time, right after listening to a Finnish band called Korpiklaani, who play an insane type of folk metal.
  14. I still hate you I'm very sorry.
  15. Luke

    The Music Thread

    Man, the Euro-Metal talk in this thread makes me feel all warm inside. Anyway, I'm on a major doom metal kick right now. Type O Negative, My Dying Bride, and Anathema. I've been delving into albums by Elvenking, Turisas, and Electric Wizard too, with varying results.
  16. I saw Alexisonfire last year, and I don't even really like them.
  17. Okay, here's a fuller answer from me; Batman: Year One: Pretty useless answer this, but I read it once and really didn't get it as a classic. I need to read it again. Batman: Year Two Fear the Reaper: Not read it. Batman: Dark Victory Very good book. If you like Long Halloween I can't imagine you not liking this one. Batman: Holiday Knights: Not read. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Utterly essential read. Highest reccomendation I can give. Batman: A Death in the Family: Mixed. Certainly worth a read due to its importance within the mythology, but certain aspects of it (particularly The Joker's political position) are strange. The actual death is pretty awesome though. Superman Vs The Terminator: Haven't read. Sounds dumb. Superman: The Man of Steel: I haven't read this in a while, but I remember it being thoroughly absorbing. Much better than your modern Supes book (All Star aside), and one of the reasons I'm quite enamoured with late 80's/ early 90's Superman. The Crow: I love The Crow, I think it's an incredible book, visually and thematically. Any Sin City Novel: There's nothing I dislike. I think The Hard Goodbye may be the best, but Yoda's reccomendations are solid. Any Spawn: Never read Spawn.
  18. Okay, finished it. It was fun to watch for the first 20 minutes, but after that it became clear that the humour was 90% unintentional. The plot was utterly basic, and the characters were dull (with Alfred coming across like a complete dick), with the voice actors (barring Tom Penny as Penguin) sounding as bored as I became. About as dramatic and atmospheric as Scooby Doo.
  19. I'm still watching it as we speak. I'm still not sure if I think it's hilariously bad, or just bad. Bonus points for The Joker using the line 'that's one good-looking corpse'.
  20. Apologies if this isn't worth a whole topic, but I had to post this. Small spoilers for The Batman vs Dracula, if you haven't seen it... So I'm watching The Batman vs. Dracula feature animation on dailymotion, and early on Batman runs into Drac and quickly accepts that vampires may exist. Shortly after, Bruce Wayne hosts a big party, and there he meets a strange-looking chap who says his name is Alucard and he's from Eastern Europe. And Batman doesn't work it out. Isn't he supposed to be the world's greatest detective? They must have changed it to world's biggest moron without telling me. *edit* it does unintentionally redeem itself somewhat with the line "Try as you may, you cannot out-bat me."
  21. My opinion on The Crow is that it's brilliant.