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  1. I know this isn't a Preacher thread, but I've gotta say that I've really enjoyed Volume 1 so far. Can't wait for Vol 2 if it's as good as everyone says.
  2. Luke

    Countdown #24

    When the last chapter of the Sinistro Corps Wars reveals that he's had his body taken over by Kevin Federline, you'll be eating those words.
  3. Luke

    Countdown #24

    Kind of explains a little more of why he looks different in Countdown 25, but it doesn't give away the Sinistro Corps ending.
  4. I'm just about to start reading Preacher for the first time too.
  5. No. It'll just over-expose the character further and result in worthless stories as the writers try to fill the quota. I'm wary of any comic that's not monthly.
  6. Luke

    The Vinyl Underground

    Read the second issue. It was fairly meh.
  7. Luke

    The Vinyl Underground

    Vinyl Underground Has anyone else been reading this Vertigo title? When I first heard about it, I suspected that it might turn out to be a 'cool' Hellblazer rip-off, but I was pleasently surprised by the first issue. The portrayel of Britain, and London in particular, as this urban sprawl of cool cynicism and crime where every character is a master of sarcasm has always irked me, but I can deal. The first issue had a gentle mix of characterisation and plot, and convinced me that the series has a lot of potential. I haven't got around to looking at the second issue yet, but I'll have my thoughts on it in a bit.
  8. Thinking about the thread more seriously, I think my pick for the number one spot would be The Sentry. The power of a million exploding suns is quite a lot.
  9. I think we're all ignoring the obvious fact that the most powerful superhero of all time is obviously Jubilee.
  10. It's an adaptation of the first part of my favourite trilogy of books. I'll be first in line for a ticket, and if it sucks I'll weep like a baby.
  11. My favourite book is Fables, and has been for some time. After about 65 issues it's probably unwise for a new reader to jump on as it is, but I highly reccomend any collections of the earlier issues. Otherwise, there's the spin-off Jack Of Fables which is much easier to get into and it's full of snarky humour.
  12. Superman & Batman- a comic that I think could be great, but hasn't quite yet managed it.
  13. Luke


    That's quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen.
  14. Luke

    Simon Dark #1

    I'll check it out, but I do hope that Batman stays out of this one.
  15. Luke

    Hitman's back!

    I thought the second issue was a lot better than the first. Still, it was pretty average altogether.
  16. Luke

    World War Hulk

    Despite my disappointment with the series so far, I loved the endings to both WWH 4 and Gamma Corps 3; the former for fanboy reasons, and the latter because I totally didn't see it coming.
  17. Ultimate Infinity Gauntlet, even though Ultimate Thanos has already been used.
  18. I've been thinking about this for a disturbingly long amount of time, and I can't go any further than Emma Frost.
  19. Xavier's my main pick, although I'll probably be proven wrong. He could've been taken and replaced by the skrulls after HoM, and thus his replacement would both be in a position to affect the world as part of the Illuminati but potentially avoid the full wrath of the Hulk for the time being since he wasn't involved in the decision to send Hulky away- although WWH X-Men 3 might blow this theory away. Plus, if this is the case, then finding Xavier could be the lead in to resolving the Endangoured Species saga, since the real X (assuming he still has his mutant powers) could be the guy to find Wanda. I dunno, it's all a guess, really.
  20. Wiki tells me they did a Fantastic Four meets Superman book set in the Marvel universe with the Surfer and Galactus abound. It's probably rubbish, but who knows?
  21. I was reading up on Wiki about the recent Buffy: Series 8 comics. I'm a huge fan of the show, so the news that it's continuing in-canon is fantastic.