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  1. What the fuck? How many times has Wolverine died now? He was just in hell a few years ago. I guess this is something new, but the book currently kinda sucks, so I'm not looking forward to this.
  2. That looks very cool. One of the worst things about the New 52 is how they took my favorite characters - Booster, Zatanna, Power Girl, Cassandra Cain - and made them either totally absent or totally neutered. I hope whatever comes next for Booster in the New 52 is at least as ambitious as that pitch.
  3. Fuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk. Rage sucks!
  4. I'm really thinking about checking out of all the X-Men books completely at this point. They don't make a lick of sense and it feels like the 90s all over again with the over-saturation.
  5. Am I alone in thinking that the scale on that thing is all out of whack?
  6. My kids and I loved it. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for new episodes.
  7. I'll try to give that issue another read after some space from the previous issues, but they did so much damage to Snake Eyes in the prior thirty or so issues, that he isn't even a character worth reading after that. You're totally right about the damage they did. I hadn't read the comic in a few years when I read the last one.
  8. Good analysis, but I still think the final issue is a work of art.
  9. prez

    DC reboot

    To be fair, I also heard a lot of people upset about GL not being black. People who don't read comics and never have thought GL was black because of the awesome cartoons. In fact, I stumbled into the IMDB comments on "Green Lantern" once and that was all they fucking talked about.
  10. prez

    DC reboot

    We aren't allowed to have a reaction to the plot twist without reading the details? How's this: No matter what the details are, I detest the outcome.
  11. prez

    DC reboot

    I really just think at this point Johns hears someone reference a character and he stands up and goes:
  12. prez

    DC reboot

    I absolutely loved Batman #17. I suggest everyone read it twice.
  13. I actually kinda liked 'Sword of Sorcery.' Stupid that they didn't even get a chance to finish their opening arc. It certainly wasn't as bad as the rest of those. Team 7 particularly sucked. Hey, here's all these characters that you kind of know, already in media res. You want their backgrounds? Fuuuuuuckkk youuuuuu.
  14. See, there are parts of the Internet where this would be a totally serious argument.
  15. See, in a similar way, Uncanny Avengers #2 made me want to stop. I'm tired of seeing beloved characters abused for shock value.
  16. Actually, that IS when I stopped buying it. But I always assumed that was the bottom of the barrel. Who knew the barrel was so fucking big?
  17. Whatever, Dan Slott, but Spider-Man has been the most ruined character in Marvel for a long while. God, when I bought Spidey religiously in the early 90s, I never thought the character could ever be messed up. Way to prove me wrong, Marvel!
  18. I am not nearly geek leveled up enough for the talk going on in this thread. TO WIKIPEDIA!!!
  19. Not sure why you think that. Personally, I'm really excited for it. But that poster is atrociously cliché.
  20. I enjoyed that probably far more than was warranted.
  21. Things that don't happen in the United States don't happen. Silly.
  22. That poster is cool. And the Wicked Witch of the West's body is way more bangin' than I remembered.