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  1. God it shits me how untouchable Marvel are. WB/DC continually get shit on for playing it safe and doing by the numbers, blah blah, yet Marvel are so addicted to Tony Stark, I'm surprised we're not seeing him as the love interest in the a She-Hulk movie.
  2. A-fucking-men. I go to the movies to be entertained and maybe get moved emotionally on some level. I would easily go and watch this again. It has more rewatchability than Dark Knight Rises. I heard people say they tried to cram too many characters in. What a load of bullshit; computer files and security footage was a great way to soft intro characters.
  3. Just walked out. Thought it was pretty damn amazing. Got emotional in it a number of times.
  4. Did anyone else see the rumour that Affleck isn't Bruce Wayne.
  5. Fantastic Four fall out Great article, talking about how this bomb could affect next years massive CBM schedule. I also like the small tidbits I hadn't heard before about Antman and other films.
  6. I love TJ Miller. Hope the scenes of Deadpool out of costume are few and far between.
  7. MaxPower


    So I only just heard about this on a recent Reply All podcast. Apologies to all those that knew about it from the start, I'm late to the party.
  8. Can we get this instruction to the decision makers please...
  9. I thought the trailer looked ok, if you go in accepting that EVERY hero movie needs to be sold as a dark a gritty something something these days. I still think Jason Sudekis would have killed it in this role though.
  10. So how many flashback scenes will there be so the studio can still use Reynolds face? Knight and Day proved it's no use having bankable stars if people don't know they are in the movie. (not that Reynolds is near the level of Cruise or Diaz, but you get my point).
  11. They also make the most money of any franchise in product placement. Casino Royal cooled that off a bit, but Solace had more than CR.
  12. At this point, as long as protesters / rioters don't kill anyone, then they get a free pass from me. People are being KILLED by the very people who's job it is to protect and the story is about a burnt down building? Or that a small business owner can't make payroll for a month. PEOPLE ARE DYING. I really could care two shits about someones property. Garner shows it's not just the south, that the US still has a lot of deep, deep issues when it comes to race. This thing should have gone to trial. I'm not saying he would have been found guilty, but no trial, at all?
  13. Ha, first one I got was Empire of the Republic.