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  1. I really liked this episode. It was pretty much awesome. There were two things that bothered me: Shouldn't Peter have had Sylar's power for awhile now? I guess unlike Sylar (until now, anyway) Peter didn't necessarily have full command of the powers (i.e. he hasn't demonstrated thought manipulation as Parkman has), whereas Sylar had full control from the get go. Maybe that explains the lack of the "hunger." And the one that's always bothered me...how come the Haitian's powers work against Peter? Seriously. No one else's really do (he was drugged around Elle). Shouldn't he be supressing the Haitian's power? I wonder if Peter unintentionally picked up Mohinder's ability?
  2. Okay, I'll phrase it a little differently. Peter has access to Linderman's power, and wouldn't need to waste Claire's time (or risk the butterfly effect). He couldn't use it in the ambulance because there were witnesses. Clones, probably. Micah brought up the birth certificates, it would have been noted if the birth mother were the same. Unless they were triplets going to three different families using the same surrogate mother. But the Dr. said "I made you" so they're probably clones. Doesn't it seem weird that the guy in Africa's future seeing seems limited to Matt Parkman? What a lame power.
  3. Because one of the Peters had already healed him using Linderman's power, so Claire wasn't needed. Also, as both Hiro and Ms. Petrelli have pointed out, bending the space-time continuum often has unintended consequences. I'm also thinking that since he's decided to bottle up the fact that he can fly, Nathan's mind is coping in a similar method to Niki's (seeing other people, eventually multiple personalities). Probably why those characters were reunited (sort of, anyway). Peter using Linderman's power was just a convenient way to reintroduce the man. I think he needs an idea, but I'm not sure he yet has exact control over it. As we saw in the episode, he doesn't (or can't) fully stop time. I still don't think it's Niki. Don't see how it could be unless she can time travel too.
  4. I'm not tagging my spoilers, mainly because of the thread title. So...uh....about Niki, how the fuck did she go from trapped in a burning building that exploded trying to save DL's niece, to working for the governor of New York with an apparent established relationship within a matter of DAYS (although the passage of time in this show gets really f'ed up sometimes, maybe it's been longer)? I'm thinking Jessica (her sister, not the personality) maybe isn't so dead. And what happened to Micah and the girl with muscle memory? Are they just, gone? Mohinder being the Fly (or whatever his molting is going to turn him into, Spider-Man?) is annoying too. Is future Peter transferring the brains of Sylar's victims to random people in Africa? It would explain how that guy could paint the future, although others have had the same powers before (Claire and Adam, Parkman and his father, Nathan and West, possibly Micah and the chick who could use the Internet). And if he is, where did he get THAT ability.
  5. Massively Multiplayer Online game. See Also: MMORPG and MMOFPS. Yes it's silly. Nobody's come up with anything better.
  6. I demand a Lost Vikings MMO. Also, I doubt they're stretched too thin. Wrath of the Lich King just requires the artists and level designers really, I doubt it will present any fundamental mechanical changes to the game, so the coders can be working on the new MMO, getting the engine ready for the others to step in. Diablo III's the question mark for me, since a bunch of that crew (Blizzard North) jumped ship to make Hellgate: London. A StarCraft MMO would suck. How would you play part of a hive mind?
  7. New Avengers Illuminati #4: Really the first four pages of the book, but specifically this exchange. Dr. Strange: ...is there any amount of yourself you can give that is sufficient for a woman? Is there? Xavier: I have not found it. Strange: And you've dated outside the species. Xavier: How did you know that? Strange: I read it online. Xavier: You're online? Strange: Everyone's online! Xavier: It's online? But you can leave your body and go to the astral plane...why are you online? Strange: I can't get hockey scores in the astral plane.
  8. I'm rewatching NGE after picking it up on the cheap from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago (Platinum Collection for $28!). I'm liking it a lot more now than I did when I first saw it, which seems odd, but probably speaks volumes about the depth of the work. Just absolutely amazing. Also trying to get Gundam 00, which I've heard some mixed things about, but mostly good. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.
  9. A shame, was wondering why Dateline was on tonight in its timeslot. I'm not sure what kind of ratings they expected after replacing two major characters. I'm also not sure what they'd do for a finale, I mean, they've already blown up the hotel and had the owner "blown" off of a roof...how do you top that? I really wished they hadn't have left a major hanging thread with the status of the casino ownership, though. Can't blame producers though, they didn't know the show would be cancelled after a shortened season.
  10. ??? I have never seen Initial D in any form in my life and henceforth have no opinion..???? Referring to your rant on fansubs in the Geneon thread. Your opinion of my opinion. Not about Initial D. If you've never seen Initial D, well...you should! It's really good. Just know that if you watch the dub (and I've heard even the subtitled versions of those scenes are changed in the Tokyopop versions, but it seems to me that's unlikely to be true) that one of the plot lines is not even close to what it was in the original, to "Americanize" it and attempt to clean it up for after-school TV (even though it features illegal street racing...). And given the fallout from that plot, I don't even know how they could edit it to make sense without Takumi looking like the biggest asshole on planet earth.
  11. The Japanese version of Initial D. Kellen will bitch and moan about my opinion of Tokyopop's handling of this, but they changed a major plot point, which I find unacceptable. Names and slang, I can take, but the plot and music? Sorry. They crossed a line. When you're 17, watch Akira. It changed the way everything was animated, and not just in Japan, hell, not even just cartoons. The plot's kind of crazy, but the animation is still jaw-dropping today. and Trigun. You have to watch Trigun. The dub is really good, too!
  12. Or, you know, at the fair... Perhaps I've said too much.
  13. Starship Troopers for favorite, haven't seen Total Recall (...I know, I know) so I'm not comfortable voting on best. To be fair, it probably has more to do with Heinlein than Verhoeven though.
  14. J Marv

    Mass Effect

    I wish I could hope that. Unfortunately every word about a PC version since a PC Gamer UK article last summer (2006) said there was one forthcoming has been "There are currently no plans to develop Mass Effect for systems other than the XBox 360 including the PC." I agree that it would only make sense, as every BioWare title to date has ended up on the PC eventually (I hope the Sonic game is the first that THAT isn't true for, I couldn't care less about a DS port) and to port a 360 game to the PC requires less work than porting to/from other systems, but unless EA is able to swing it I just don't think it's going to happen.
  15. J Marv

    Mass Effect

    It's going to be an Online RPG. And they're working on it (although it might be set during the Mandalorian Wars, and be KOTOR 0). I just wish Obsidian had been allowed to "finish" KOTOR 2. Now, who do I have to sleep with/blackmail/ransom/kill to get a PC version of Mass Effect?
  16. Well, by that logic, Gambit could possibly destroy all solid matter in the universe (it would just take a death wish and a lot of time and effort). I don't think this list is necessarily about potential. Just because someone is physically capable of doing something, doesn't mean they would, under ANY circumstance. For instance, just because Peter Parker could kill an average human without breaking a sweat, doesn't mean he ever should or would. Take the Flash comparison, he would die if he punched somebody at a full run (he'd have to stop to transfer the energy, if his body was capable of withstanding that deceleration, he'd be invulnerable). I don't really like lists like this. Way too many variables. Some ground rules must be set to really get direct comparisons, and even then, they'd only be applicable to that situation. Discussions could be a lot of fun with the right set of circumstances though.
  17. The bike chases will be pretty cool in their own way though. Probably not as cool as the anime, but then again, Akira pretty much changed the way anime was drawn. Its visuals are tough to match, let alone top. It probably won't be very good, but will have its moments. Much like the Initial D movie.
  18. Darth Vader doesn't need his credibility further killed by a TV show. I hope Mara Jade shows up.
  19. I read the transcript. And if you note, I didn't ever say they would work on EA projects. I implied that the financial realities of having to report to a parent corporation will likely result in the release of games not up to BioWare and Pandemic's (well, BioWare, Mercenaries was a ton of fun, but I don't care much about Pandemic) previous quality standards due to needing to hit holiday seasons and stuff. Tiburon and Westwood both were allowed to stay independent for awhile (Tiburon has since become part of the fold entirely). Westwood still works on its own IPs, but EA has forced them to release a major title before it was "done." I probably overreacted a little, because BioWare is my favorite developer, and I hate EA, but my fears are not without precedent. I really hope they'll stay just that, fears. Westwood has been allowed to stay as a primarily PC developer, at least.
  20. I am PISSED about this. What the hell does this spell for a project like Dragon Age? EA has fucked over Westwood with deadlines (see: C&C:Generals), now they're going to do it to my favorite developer. This is unacceptable. Luckily the first Mass Effect won't be affected, but I'm very nervous about future BioWare games. I thought the whole reason BioWare and Pandemic banded together was to prevent something like this, but I guess not (or it just didn't work).
  21. Maybe there's a small chance this might not be a total waste of film? This IS Uwe Boll, though.
  22. Pretty sure you're overreacting to that one. It's just as likely to be somebody searching for movie reccomendations for their 12 year old as it is to be kiddie porn. Especially given that that's a large portion of the audience for many comic book movies, to which a lot of this site's content is dedicated to. Even if it wasn't, I think you have to expect this site to turn up on searches like that. What page does the misspelling of "vibrator" lead to?
  23. I don't know how I would feel about that. I *luff* the series, but was disappointed by Serenity, which wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but just felt like a 2 hour episode, and not anything more. I guess as long as Whedon was involved I'd have to give it a shot. "It's too late for me son. Joss Whedon is my master now." - PvP
  24. The big stuff should survive, and anything worthwhile that slips through the cracks will be picked up by the fansub community, don't be too worried. I really hope that it changes the way anime is distributed in the US because it's still too expensive (although the recent DBZ "Season" releases are reasonably priced, although that's a Geneon product so....I don't know).