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  1. Iscariot is the superior organization. A. It's the oldest. Something to be said for staying power. B. It's members will die without hesitation to achieve its goals. C. Alexander Anderson is pretty much Alucard's equal, if not his superior, one on one. Presumably he acquired this ability because of Iscariot technological development. D. The Hellsing Organization has had multiple instances of high-ranking treachery, Iscariot's biggest organizational trouble is just that their leader got a little over zealous. E. Even more disturbing is that Hellsing is actually using Alucard, which must be seen as a desperation move. They employ what they claim to exist to destroy. Conflict of interest anyone? E. Millenium had to go into hiding for over 50 years because they couldn't get the job done the first time. Dragonball Anti-Hero: Piccolo or Vegeta
  2. Not entirely true. From Wiki:
  3. They've already remade Big, anyway.
  4. Super Milk Chan, if only because it's a longer series and gets to fit more crazy in. Hitman: Bear Walken or Bunji Kugashira
  5. Aww...I got completely lost in that Iron Man issue. I was hoping you would tell me what was going on (who was the dude who sent the Spymaster? and why?). But yeah, I didn't really enjoy that book much either after the opening sequence. Anyway, enjoyed as always.
  6. Not all of the games have been in Hyrule.
  7. I find that highly unlikely. If you look at the images she posted on her blog (which, presumably, is why she took the pictures in the first place) there is no reason at all for her to be topless for those shots. Also, she did a shoot (non-nude) for Playboy's "Hotties of TechTV" or whatever the next month, so I'm pretty sure she didn't have a huge problem with it other than the obvious embarassment. Or maybe she did and did the Playboy thing to capitalize on it. But she also had a running column in Stuff magazine, so I'm going to go ahead and assume she's fairly comfortable with it, at least enough to use the situation to her advantage. Plus, one could argue it was a bug in Photoshop, as later versions crop the thumbnail as well.
  8. Mononoke Hime for "Of Wolf and Man" plz.
  9. You are. Wiki says the GBA has sold 76.69 million units while the PS2 has sold ~105 million (as of March).
  10. He was the masked guy, too. He's officially on the Anti-SRA side, but not yet officially on the team. Cap seemed like he was going to let him on though. Spider-Man running into the window was pretty funny.
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    PS3 news

    So, she's like, in labor, in Jersey, in NOVEMBER, outside in the freezing cold. Is she trying to kill her baby?
  12. J Marv

    PS3 news

    Would you trust that man with your PS3?
  13. J Marv

    PS3 news

    They also produced more of the 60 GB model....so yeah. Hardly a "good sign" that it sold more, since there were more. Here people are paying the homeless to camp out for them. I hope these people die.
  14. It was hilarious. Then I got to this:
  15. Stark has a brain tumor in the Ultimate Universe.
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    All Star Superman

    I've never been much of a DC fan but I do like superman. How many different forms of kryptonite are there? A lot.
  17. Ehh...still. Definitely in his red and blue suit. Again, it depends on where they're going with the symbiote. If it's technological in nature, I don't really care if it makes his motions too fluid and looks unnatural, because it should, at the very least, be clearly different from regular Spidey in some way other than the color scheme. The symbiote changes his character in nearly every way, it doesn't just enhance his abilities.
  18. Yes, and no. The scene with the flag? Yikes, yes. The symbiote suit? I don't know. Depends on the origin they use for it. If its a natural thing, then yes it was too digital. If it's an alien he yanked from some machine accidentally (like the original symbiote) then no (since it took Peter himself almost a year to figure out the symbiote suit wasn't synthetic).
  19. I really enjoyed this series. I'd say "Do more stuff like this in the future, please," but there's really only one other one you could do (though I guess Dark Horse and Image could each get a short one or something). I keep fighting the urge post creators I feel got "left out," but that wouldn't be fair since they might have something important to do in your DC column.
  20. I evil Spidey. Throwing the grenade at Harry? AWESOME. And that trailer had almost no signs of Venom, so hopefully its just something that happens in the end.
  21. Darned Widescreen monitor. This is probably my favorite Earth-2 Wallpaper yet. Nice work.
  22. Yeah, if you're cocky enough to name yourself Mr. Fantastic you better back it up. And let's face it, Reed is probably the best (male) lay in the Marvel Universe.
  23. Did Reptile and the Silver Surfer have a baby?