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  1. I just don't think any of these will work. Maybe Ant-Man but the writing would have to be PERFECT. And well, that just isn't going to happen.
  2. Pretty much. Depends on the cosplayers though. :devil:
  3. I don't get this at all, really. The default settings are a little annoying, but d20 is incredibly adaptable. The XBox controller was a little iffy with it at first, but once you got it down it worked great (IMHO, at least). I'm not sure what you expected, though. If you wanted turn-based control you could get it (just check pause after every round), but it's too tedious for my tastes, as you could just queue up commands in real time. I'll admit that beginning pacing is a fair criticism. The opening planet does seem like it takes forever, but you do need the plot exposition (plus, the swoop racing minigame is pretty cool). It gets a lot better once you get your lightsaber and more of the supporting cast.
  4. Please explain to me how that makes any sense. I'm assuming you were going to null because you haven't played all of the games in this round? And that you're only now voting because KOTOR wasn't winning? Well, according to his post, Yoda hasn't played everything, either. And he voted, so I don't feel bad about it. As for what I haven't played, it was Jade Empire (waiting for the PC version, although I've seen enough of it to know that I'll probably prefer KOTOR) and Steel Battalion (which you yourself admit nobody else has played, I'm not a mech sim fan anyway, so even if I had played it, I doubt it would sway my vote). So get mad that KOTOR will win because it got an extra vote if you want to, I don't care. But I call shenanigans if anything other than Jade wins because you probably are the only person who HAS played everything. Still though, why didn't you like it?
  5. I was going to null, but now I have to vote for KOTOR. I don't want don't want to go off on a rant about it but Jeez, that game kicks all kinds of ass. Why didn't you guys like it?
  6. I ought to leave some feedback because I've really enjoyed these articles. I was waiting for the last column because I keep wanting to say "So and So" doesn't have a job yet, "So and So" would rule on this book. So yeah. Keep up the good work.
  7. Yay! One of these I can vote in. God of War.
  8. It's not a patch. It's not even technically a mod since Rockstar does not actively support user generated content for GTA (as say Bioware does for NWN, and Bethesda does for Oblivion), and the mod is therefore in violation of EULA. It's even worse in the case of the PS2 and Xbox where the "patch" or whatever to get to it involves a rather tricky hack of not just the software, but in some cases the hardware of the consoles. Of course, heaven forbid somebody actually read their EULA. Which should protect Rockstar in this, and for some reason it isn't.
  9. The entire original Macross series for $62.99 and FREE shipping. Anime doesn't get much cheaper than that. Pretty much no special features though. There's also this 21-disc set retailing for $116.98. That's $5.57 per disc!
  10. I haven't read New World, but I liked 1602. Probably not a must read, but very good for what it was.
  11. Ha. There are some crazy ones in Guild Wars. The best is probably presearing, where you go get a bushel of apples for this chick, but whenever you're carrying the apples, you get attacked by spiders. It's actually somewhat entertaining for that reason. Frontier Gate Fugitives and the Black Moa suck though. Back and forth and back and forth. Especially with Black Moa, though at least that's near towns/outposts, so the map travel helps. By far the most annoying quest in Factions. In general they aren't that bad, usually. As long as there's a decent story around it and other stuff can be done along the way, they usually aren't too bad.
  12. 1) Huh? You need to be more specific with this one. 2) What would be difficult about this? Unless you mean like D's Left Hand, then that would kind of suck. (Yeah, I went there. Sue me.) 3)
  13. I guess it was too much to think they would take this seriously. Surely there's some sort of copyright violation here, no? Seriously.
  14. J Marv

    Ultimate Cable

    Some spoilers follow, but to answer your question, they're necessary: The only time he shows any "powers" are when he pops out a set of adamantium claws while fighting Wolverine. He then utters this line (to Wolverine, who is the only X-Men conscious at this point): "I don't pop the claws for just anyone. I've gone through thirty years without a healing factor to make me better than you could ever hope to be. It's over, bub." (parts bolded to reflect the way they were written in the book) So yeah, he appears to be an alternate future Wolverine, or at least some sort of related Weapon X project/clone/whatever.
  15. J Marv

    Ultimate Cable

    I like it, sort of. I REALLY like it because I feel that the Ultimate universe should be significantly different from the regular universe. Like Sabretooth started out as a big blond version of Wolverine in the Ultimate universe, then they turned him randomly back into the more beastial version, and it sucked. Whether he'll work as a character or not remains to be seen. Probably will though. Since apparently he's Wolverine, and people fucking love Wolverine.
  16. I stopped reading at: #89 Half-Life. Come the fuck on. Half-Life is at least top 20. The fact that it's still one of the most popular games on the planet should tell you that.
  17. Read Amazing Spider-Man #535. I have, hence the "Stark must have gone medieval on him." Man, why are they turning Stark into this bad guy? He's even less likeable than paranoid Cap. And I hate paranoid Cap. I wish they would have made him a guy reluctantly doing his job, since he's personally against the SRA. He seems to be taking some pleasure in it now. My guess is that Castle has saved Peter from his doom. Look at Frank's guns: they're pointed up, away from Spidey. That tells me he doesn't see Parker as a threat. Parker's begging him off though. It might be that Stark just knocked him down there in front of Castle, and Castle just pulled his guns as a reflex, but the impression I get is a confrontation. Thanks a lot for the timeline, it's very helpful, and clears up a couple of things for me.
  18. Tough, and it will probably be different tomorrow: 1) Trigun (well, this won't be different) 2) Macross Plus 3) Cowboy Bebop 4) NGE 5) Samurai Champloo 6) Akira 7) Initial D 8) Gungrave 9) Macross 10) Dragonball Z 2 back pretty much varies from day to day. Um..wow, I just realized I have 3 Watanabe Anime in my Top 5.
  19. umm....They're not robots. They're Evangelions. Rather specifically, angels fitted with armor and control systems to accept the commands of a pilot. Only "surprise" to me is Mushishi (which is not even a year old, so I'm surprised it would end up on a list like this).
  20. Ok. A) WTF happened to Parker? He looks in a bad way. Stark must have gone medieval on him. B) I thought general consensus was Castle was going to be Anti-SRA, so why is he fighting Spidey, who is going Anti-SRA? Somebody needs to print a timeline of all the Civil War tie-in events so I know what happens when.
  21. If you're ok with dying, you have plenty of choices. If not, you're choices become considerably more....limited. Initial D - Fujiwara Bunta
  22. Hah. I was just about to post this. Hilarious stuff. Kurtz rules.