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  1. Yeah, a similar thing is going on with the overlayed dialogue from the Pirate comic which is often commenting on what is happening/ what is about to happen in the main story. One little thing that always makes me smile is the fact that Dan's lock fixer works for Gordian Knots. The Gordian Knot is one that is seemingly very difficult to fix, which could refer to the situation about Dr Manhattan, or could simply refer to how difficult it is to get a lock that will keep Rorschach out!
  2. Favourite Featured Actor Angela Lansbury was quite a surprise, especially in The Manchurian Candidate Favourite Review Blade Runner- the relief when we realised you liked it! Worst Movie Covered Frida Most Anticipated Subject for Next Year* Sir Ian McKellan
  3. Another vote for Street Fighter cos it's been too long since I've seen it.
  4. The only film I've seen him in where he didn't give exactly the same performance that he always does is Tropic Thunder, though he's a ways down the cast list on that, it did at least prove he had some comedy chops and the ability to play someone other than himself.
  5. On Blade Runner- The final origami model is a unicorn, and ties in with Deckard's dream, indicating Gaff knows Deckard is an android (in this universe it would appear androids dream of electric unicorns )
  6. Blade Runner, obvs, for a classy Hauer entry. Split Second for an amusingly cheap option, with Hauer chewing scenery made of Lidl's finest rice paper.
  7. Atomic Blonde because your eardrums will thank you for the rest of your life as the 80s soundtrack is perfection. Plus it's a stunning performance from Theron. Plus you get to see her in the nip. (Wait- did I type that out-loud?)
  8. She's in Death On The Nile and puts in quite the performance (It also features Manimal's Simon MacCorkindale if you need more inticement!)
  9. Favourite Featured Actor Jennifer Connelly Favourite Review Braveheart Worst Movie Covered Melancholia (it still hurts) Best Feedback Dave Probert is the Fat Controller Favourite Jingle The Orgs say Bo Selecta was certainly a thing Most Anticipated Subject for Next Year Peter Cushing
  10. *Looks at DVD shelves* Yes- we have a Nicole Kidman film! It's Batman Forever though. Bugger.
  11. *Stares at DVD shelves for traces of the Gidson* That would be Mad Max 2 then.
  12. I've seen exactly 0 of her movies, so expect our feedback to be mercifully short, which after our Kirsten Dunst feedback...
  13. Midnight Special is an amazing film in which Dunst is amazing. And I am in no way recommending this on the basis it's the only Kirsten Dunst film I have seen.
  14. Toy Story for spaceships (kind of). Bridge Of Spies was a great film, much recommended if you've not seen it. I'm not watching Forrest Dump again for all the cheese in Holland.