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  1. Although to add to the confusion Valeris was originally going to be Savvik but (At least according to Shatner's memoires, this was blocked by Roddenbery who was already upset at the Federation being less than nice and said it was no way to treat a "Beloved Character" a shame as I reckon it would have worked better as Savvik. Also, in a lot of the tie-in novels it is stated that Savvik is half Romulan but I don't know if it was ever stated on screen.
  2. I just caught an episode of Thunder in Paradise on one of the obscure channels near the top of the programme guide. I withdraw my nomination of this show. Good gods, Hulk Hogan in speedos. I claw at my eyes but the image remains.
  3. Really? How? Why? I mean about 10 episodes and then joke is over is fine, but 44? It was basically Knight Rider without the car and everyone watched Knight Rider for the car. I presume the creators later pitched a series where Rex Smith solved crimes without a tricked out motorbike.
  4. Season 3 has (To my memory) a few good episodes, and its share of the worst. And yes, for the stupidity of Spock's Brain (And I've watched it recently, it is really really stupid) Turnabout intruder is just awful. Fortunately you can pretend that, after showing that episode everyone was sent away for 10 years to think about what they did.
  5. First, Full transparency, I did donate to Axanar. Don't reckon I'll see the finished product but that's the risks with Kickstarter. Good and informative special. I will partially disagree with Mr Mockery, in that Axanar ruined it because they got greedy. While they had some costumes from prelude all the sets were virtual. For the actual Axanar they were looking to do a full movie with actual sets, a bigger cast etc. In many ways one of the issues was that Alec also did play nice with CBS for a good while. He had a contact who he ran everything past. How connected this contact actually
  6. And I thought Thunder in paradise couldn't be out-90sed. It has a guy with the last name Roquefort. The jokes write themsleves. Baywatch has much to answer for. Speaking of Baywatch there is this
  7. I've just bought Elite: Dangerous. Not actually played it yet, Foolish family getting in the way of my dream of being a space delivery boy (As in a delivery boy in space, not someone delivering space)
  8. I'm just glad the book will go on. I may obviously be eating these words but by all reports Agent Carter is really rather good
  9. From what I've seen The Middleman - Ida, or The Middleman, Or Dubby, Or Noser, basically everyone, even the mobster gorilla. Life on Mars - Gene Hunt Street Hawk - The Bike, same as if it was Airwolf it would be Airwolf and in Knight Rider it would be KITT (or Devon)
  10. not on many systems, but my Steam id is pie_man70
  11. While I'm sure you have the Year of cheese planned out an it by no known standards actually conforms to the Twice as Bright part of the title, there is late 90s Baywatch Meets Knight Rider with a boat and Hulk Hogan "Thunder in Paradise" Also could be known as "Patrick McNee needs a Conservatory"
  12. Yay street hawk, if nothing else the Theme tune is ace. Also we are now in my childhood.
  13. Same for me, wheather streaming, downloading or through my podcast thing (Can't say on iTunes since I get that through my works phone and they don't allow bad language)
  14. What, the series looses its charm when they add a fat admiral and one of the worst Robots ever on TV? Surely not.
  15. Just caught up. Great stuff, will try and watch along where possible. Good to hear you're going to have an "Evil Computer" stat, as a suggestion you could also add the "Evil computer mistaken for a god" and "Evil computer talked to death by Kirk" Good work so far guys.
  16. A friend of mine has it and he basically says it is the contents of many long boxes in my loft on his tablet. It is pretty comprehensive as well from what I hear.
  17. Cheers, enjoying the pdcast but suffering through gaping holes in my DVD collection, although am very tempted to pick up Ultraviolet now, just to see the awesomeness that is Pierce. Will definitley join for The Prisoner though, love that show.
  18. A few ideas, although many may argue about the "Twice as Bright" element in some of my suggestions. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy UFO Space: Above and Beyond Defying Gravity Now and Again Odessey 5 G vs E Crusade (Not sure if that may tread on teh toes of another podcast) (I may be cursed when picking shows to get behind)