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  1. Premonition - throwing this one out there as for some reason I instantly thought of it when you said Sandra Bullock. Great film. Speed - obviously (and for hilarity Speed 2???) Gravity - a must review. Although I havnt seen all of it the bits I did see were great. Is in line with Children of Men (same director) for some insanely long single shots.
  2. Loved it as ever. Hope you enjoyed the email, I Am Spartacus etc! Oh and Devils Rejects is a brutal movie - it is Rob Zombie after all. However I am glad you both enjoyed Jackie Brown... just one of those films that just works, brilliantly
  3. Unleashed He is so evil and dark in this movie, absolutely fantastic.
  4. I had to join and post. After all I tweeted yesterday you nearly made me crash my car with laughing so much at it. I will be more careful in future and only listen when safe in my own home.
  5. Nearly crashed my car laughing too much at this. Hurrah! Saying that the slander aimed towards Wolverine Origins is unjust and unfounded......... *love that movie*