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  1. Definitely Spiderman 2. I will definitely see Punisher, but I'm not exactly expecting it to be great or anything...
  2. I took that from a GameSkanker file. (Credit: CiarĂ¡n Gorman) Link
  3. We had this duel in Marvel VS. DC, but it never showed who won because I don't think there was a clear cut winner. Both are incredibly strong, have numerous powers at their disposal and want nothing but death. Conditions: --Thanos does NOT have the Infinity Gauntlet (because that would be stupidly unfair.) --They are not on Darkseid's planet or any area of space under his direct control. --Mistress Death is not around to influence (or distract) Thanos. --They are on a barren, long-dead planet with nothing but desolate wasteland. Who would win? The Lord of Apokolips or the Demi-God of Death? EDIT: Shit, I meant to make this a poll. Yoda, could you fix this?
  4. I think they could cut his skin, actually. I think if Darkseid can make him bleed, Wolverine's claws can. Adamantium is unbreakable. Superman isn't the strongest person in the universe, so I don't see the claws breaking simply by hitting Supes with them.
  5. I reluctantly have to give this one to the Man of Steel. Wolvie has the healing factor, yes, but it doesn't mean he can't get knocked unconscious by a punch to the head from Supes. I don't see Wolverine being able to overcome Superman, honestly, which sucks because Wolverine is my second favorite comic book character ever.
  6. Homepage for 8-Bit Theatre It's a twice-a-week Internet comic strip and it uses characters from Final Fantasy's early days. Except here, they are all either insanely stupid, extremely sarcastic, psychotic, or a combination of all three. Truly hilarious. Anyone who has ever played a Final Fantasy game needs to read these.
  7. 8-Bit Theatre!!! B) (8BT does count here, right?)
  8. I am almost done collecting all the 10 original graphic novels of the 75 comic books in this astoundingly great series. I just need Volumes V, VII and X. Preludes and Nocturnes alone should have a shrine of gold made for it, not to mention the other volumes. Actually, Neil Gaiman should have two for himself alone for creating this godly series. I wish it hadn't ended... So what's your favorite Sandman issue/novel/character, etc.?