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  1. Awesome. That is exactly what will happen. And, just to get all of the usual fan boy requests out of the way: Dinobots, Unicron, Magnus and Galvatron.
  2. And since I don't watch either of those two shows, she will always be the chick that said she stuck a flute in her pussy. So yeah, I am stoked for this movie.
  3. tglancy


    I've started watching Wolverine and the X-Men and it is really good. No idea how I missed this when it was on TV.
  4. Less than no desire to see an Inhumans movie. Guardians, on the other hand...
  5. I would watch that fake Aquaman sitcom weekly.
  6. tglancy

    DC reboot

    If those are the ratings on the books, then I have no problem with the content. Well, aside from the fact that it's terribly stupid. I mean from a "what if kids see it" stand point.
  7. tglancy

    DC reboot

    That freaking art. It looks like it's going to be accompanied by a word balloon saying "HEEEEYYYY GUUUUYYYYSSSSS!!!!"
  8. Oh. Well then. Nothing to see here.
  9. The movie looks like shit, but damn I love wacky Neil Patrick Harris. I might see it just for that.
  10. tglancy

    DC reboot

    A lot of these covers look like they came from 90's Image books. Horrible.
  11. I just read that for the first time after reading your thoughts. I wish I hadn't, because now I am sitting here at work choking back tears.
  12. Well that's all kinds of stupid.