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  1. tglancy


    I've started watching Wolverine and the X-Men and it is really good. No idea how I missed this when it was on TV.
  2. Less than no desire to see an Inhumans movie. Guardians, on the other hand...
  3. I would watch that fake Aquaman sitcom weekly.
  4. tglancy

    DC reboot

    If those are the ratings on the books, then I have no problem with the content. Well, aside from the fact that it's terribly stupid. I mean from a "what if kids see it" stand point.
  5. tglancy

    DC reboot

    That freaking art. It looks like it's going to be accompanied by a word balloon saying "HEEEEYYYY GUUUUYYYYSSSSS!!!!"
  6. Oh. Well then. Nothing to see here.
  7. tglancy

    DC reboot

    A lot of these covers look like they came from 90's Image books. Horrible.
  8. Well that's all kinds of stupid.
  9. I can't wait for the day Marvel just stops making comics and produces nothing but teasers.
  10. tglancy

    DC reboot

    They are advertising books with art by Jim Lee AND Rob Liefeld. That right there pretty much assured me that they will be breaking their no delay promise.
  11. tglancy

    DC reboot

    1. Which book will first skip its solicited week of shipping? Justice League 2. Which book will first have a mismatch between digital and print availablity? Justice League 3. Which book will first skip the month it is solicited in? Justice League 4. Which book will first feature an unsolicited fill-in? We know this one. 5. Which book will be cancelled first? Something from the Dark or Edge groups. Grifter maybe. Or the Western one.
  12. tglancy

    DC reboot

    So I've decided to give a few of these things a try. I'm mainly getting books with characters that I liked before so that I can bitch and moan when they aren't the same, but I am going to try JLI (Booster and Guy), Teen Titans (the whole team), all the GL books except Red Lanterns, and the Justice League book for the first two months when it is on time. I was thinking about trying Legion Lost, but I am not confident in being able to read that without knowing anything about the Legion.
  13. I think it's a good move, personally. Even though I order my comics online, I still go to my local store once every week or so, and those Flashpoint tie-ins have not moved at all. And they have a healthy amount of them too. It's weird because the regular mini is flying, but ever since they announced the big change, no one cares about these tie in books, at least in talking from the people that work at the store.