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  1. Queen & Country by Greg Rucka (mostly), is pretty darn right amazing. It has a "The Wire" like sensibility on bureaucracy where much of the time is the stories are less about crazy invincible spy adventures and more about how the decisions are made behind closed doors, and the brutal psychological and physical impacts these "adventures" take on the real people that undertake them. I've got one more novel left, but I already love the change in status quo that Rucka has created in the last two novels. It makes each novel feel fresh and represents new challenges for our characters that we wou
  2. Yeah the shooting on live tv not ringing any alarm bells was highly suspect.
  3. Oops I forgot a few: Considering that a spidey movie was coming up soon, I wanted to read a couple of spidey books. The Fearless Defenders by Cullen Bunn: A overwhelmingly obvious plan to raise stock value on the superheroines of the Marvel-verse, you have this book that just keeps throwing more and more characters into the pot with little consequence. While the core team of Valykrie and Misty Knight is what drew me, they quickly get side-stepped by the crazy amount of characters in here, plots, sub-plots, and villains. Superior Spider-man by Dan Slott: As interesting (and contr
  4. Catching up to the half year (6 months)! Everything We Miss by Luke Pearson: This broke me as a person guys, one of the most emotional books I've read. The Massive Vol. 1-5 by Brian Wood: I've been wanting to read some of Brian Wood's stuff for a while now. I had the first trade of this a while ago. I enjoyed it, the climate change apocalypse felt realistic, and it had a great balance of eco-politics, adventure, and a slight tinge of mysticism but it felt a little too episodic for my taste and didn't leave an everlasting impression in terms of characters or emotionality. Mark
  5. My friend for a little while was into collecting CGC comics before he died. And since he was sick, I kind of just got into it with him to spend time with him. So as a result I have a few CGC graded comics. Mostly from the 80s because I love the look of the covers and I wanted to actually display stuff that I thought looked cool. Daredevil 181: Death of Elektra, Awesome Frank Miller Cover. Uncanny X-men 141-142: Days of Future Past Wolverine #1 Wolverine #10 signed by Stan Lee & Claremont, Len Wein, and one other, I got the book for free in great condition when I bought Wolverine #1, b
  6. So what you're saying is don't read this. I read Buffy Season 8 and thought it was terribly mediocre. I never got the chance to read what was essentially Angel Season 6 (and I own it in single issues). And completely lost interest in reading Season 9 of anything. I figured I'd try to forget the comics, and just let the franchise die with my memory of the tv shows but a part of me wants to rewatch Angel and read the season 6 (or the other way around).
  7. This is very much a sequel / finale to Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX series. So if you're interested in this, read that first. How much knowledge of the previous series is needed? I've read bits and pieces but it's been ages and I ever finished the run. I think I finished the slavers arc and maybe one more before I quit. Does the Aaron run stqnd alone at all. I really loved the Rucka run and thought this might be up my alley.
  8. I want some Essential reccommendations for Marvel from the last 5 years or so. I've read: Uncanny X-force by Remender Fantastic Four by Hickman Captain Marvel by Kelley Sue Moon Knight by Ellis Here's what I have in mind: Punishermax by Jason Aaron Wolverine and the X-men by Jason Aaron Thor: God of Thunder by Jason Aaron Uncanny Avengers by Remender Avengers/New Avengers by Hickman Journey Into Mystery by Gillien Young Avengers by Gillen All New X-men/Uncanny X-men by Bendis Cyclops by Rucka FF by Fraction Ms marvel Anything I'm missing? I could use opinions on
  9. Anyways, my friend recently got into comics and asked for recommendations from me. I gave him a whole bunch. He read Fell and Y the Last Man, which he greatly enjoyed. I told him on his next choice to let me know and we'd do a sort of book club. To my delight, he picked Alias by Brian Michael Bendis. So I've been re-reading Alias lately. He's done with the book and I am almost finished with just two issues left. Such a strong book, a great look at the fringes of the Marvel universe, with a great main character who is flawed, human, makes mistakes, and doesn't feel like a typical super
  10. Green Arrow: Year One - Inspired by the watching the first season, I decided to read this. It was ho-hum. Quite different than what I expected given the series. Formerly Known as the Justice League/I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League: Giffen and Maguire's run on JLI didn't drop me as it did everyone else, mostly because in between the good stuff/the funny stuff there was some really bland unbalanced superheroics that were just uninteresting. The slapstick comedy doesn't do much for me, but the book was always a nice change of pace, I didn't read the whole run, I read the recent co
  11. So I just finished episode 5 of season 1, does this show get compelling at some point? Or am I going to have to wait until the end of the season like Agents of Shield?
  12. Finished up Matt Fraction's run on Invincible Iron Man, like I thought it was completely derailed by the Fear Itself event and while the issues weren't bad, it wasn't what I was interested in reading. After Fear Itself the series definitely gets back to the characters and plots that were interesting to me, the spymaster storyline, the Stane/Hammer/Mandarin team up. I liked the end-game but tonally it was a little different from how it started to how it ended. Mandarin is a villain is based in mysticism and they didn't change that much here, but they definitely had a hint of much of it being s
  13. Who is Jake Ellis: This was an okay spy-ish book. Bulletproof Coffin and Bulletproof Coffin Disinterred: Complete insanity, one of the craziest, and off-the wall books I've read in a long while. Finished Straczynki's run on Thor, it's really a fabulous run that reads very well in Hardcover over a couple of weeks. Lots of great little character developments, especially Bill from Broxton and Balder, both minor characters getting a chance to shine. It's a shame he couldn't finish the run. Gillien does what he can, but he's left a lot of pieces and has to deal with getting pulled
  14. Agreed, it would seem a little early to go the Milla route but the description sounds very much like Milla Here's another possibility, although it doesn't fit the description quite as well...maybe, Echo.
  15. I'm in the process of minimalizing the amount of stuff I have, specifically reading and then getting rid of a bunch of books. I'm re-reading J.M. Straczynski's run on Thor. I know this ends on a cliff-hanger, is stuff that comes after is worth reading? I've heard that Fraction, and Gillen have had decent runs, and I've heard great things about Gillen's Journey into Mystery. After this, I'll probably re-read Fraction's Iron Man, which is a run I never finished because they never finished releasing it in large hardcover format (but the library has it in stock), Fraction's Iron