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  1. It is now one of my favorite animes ever. Just great character progression,a nd only two flaws---the corporation arc and a certain someone's certain untimely death. Other than that, it's great. I would love to see a live action movie of it (done in the USA). Scorcese did it for the Departed.......he should do it for Death Note too! The last episode was just so intense that it reminded me of a good American drama.
  2. There are many more curveballs to come. Last one may be a little bit forced, but it's my favorite :smile: Also, new episodes start in the summer, but the current ending isn't a complete cliffhanger.
  3. Yes it would. Anyways, I love well done AMV. 'Concept' AMVs especially. In the glory days of DBZ AMVs, that was what was big(see: Kids Aren't Alright by the Offsrping set to the future Trunks special). The song would fit perfectly with the theme of the video. I don't have it anymore, but I made a DBZ AMV about Vegeta's death that was basically redoing the scene from Cowboy Bebop where Spike gets thrown out of the church window and has those sepia colored flashbacks, just with Vegeta and his life. Too many nowadays are just action timed to the down beat. I don't like that. People should get songs that fit the scenes, not just songs that they like.
  4. This topic is about Code Geass, a fairly new Anime that I just started watching. I'm up to episode 20, and i have to say, it is a must see. The setting for the story is as follows, from Wikipedia, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!: The story goes far beyond that simple setting, the amount of political twists and personal relationships is staggering, and yet it never feels like that. Everything happens a reasonable pace, and nothing feels forced. It is SO well done, and the characters designs are quite good as well, and their progression throughout the series is very well done. I reccomend this for anyone, and will probably write a review for the hell of it when I'm done with it. Beyond the story and the character designs, the visuals are astounding, very well done as well. And the soundtrack is great as well. Even the Pizza Hut advertising is well done, and even adds a bit to one of the characters >_> Spoilers for my review: 10/10, HIGHLY RECCOMENDED.
  5. X-2 is supposed to be a love it/hate it game. And you're the first person I've met to have a problem with the job system.
  6. Wasn't trying to "pass anything off" but you got the idea. Those were all my own opinions of the games and mechanics in question, bottom line. But then: FFV, generally considered one of the worst of the series ???? Actually I completely agree with your review of XII. It may end up being my favorite of the series. Certainly my longest playthrough(125+ Hours) which may lead me to a different opinion on the story, say if you finished it in the average amount of time in 45 hours, the story will seem much better paced. Me with 125 hours, as good as the story was it just felt so spread out to me. But that was my own fault, not the game's. So I give it a 10/10. LOVE it. As for the worst in the series. FF's 1-3 are all really bad and don't hold up. FFIV is when everything begins to really click, but it still isn't up to snuff. V's story is archaic by modern standards, but it's gameplay keeps it from being a mediocre game. Surpsrisingly, I hate VI with a passion. I just could never, ever get into it. The characters just didn't click with me at all, and I find Kefka to be a terrible villian. VII is great, damn near my favorite. Still want the speed record though(9:33 is my current time to finish). VIII to me is amazing. As much as it gets ragged on by everyone, the junction system is good in my opinion, the story is just flat out awesome, and the extra card game is ADDICTING AS ALL HELL. Also, best intro movie for its time. Have yet to play IX, actually. Hear good things though. X is in the same boat as VI. Never could get into it. Loved the characters, but the excessive amounts of story and cut scenes in the beginning just keep me from getting into it. 10 hours and I just left it. XI is actually a decent MMO. Lack of PvP really hurts it, and the grind is quite ridiculous, but when things start to pick up after level 20 it is quite fun. So I'll just order them from favorite to least favorite: XII VIII VII V XI IV X VI 3 2 1
  7. Own: Samurai Champloo Vol. 1 Azumanga Daioh Complete Series Golden Boy Complete Series Princess Mononoke Downloaded: Full Metal Alchemist Full Series+Movie Code Geass Eps. 1-6 Naruto All Episodes Bleach All Episodes Cowboy Bebop Full Series EYESHIELD MOTHERBLEEPIN' 21 All Episodes ^Watch Eyeshield 21. It's awesome.
  8. It is though. Every major reviewer has the job system as it's main strong point. But even so, when making a review, when you bring up past games you should go with the population's overall opinion on the game, not your own and then pass it off as the population's overall opinion. V is NOT thought of as one of the worst in the series by the majority, far from it in fact. The review is good though, it's just that saying V is accepted as one of the worst installments is just dead wrong.
  9. Um, V is considered one of the best of the series gameplay wise. Its job system is almost universally praised as being the best gameplay system of all the FFs(this was before XII though). I have no idea where you're getting this information from........ And I love VIII, probably my second favorite, but the junction system was NOT received very well by the fan base.
  10. Waaaaaah they weren't as metal as before waaaaaaaaah. Can it, it's about the quality of the songs themselves not what flippin' genre they are. It disgusts me that Metallica gets all this crap for changing their genre a bit, but nooooooo, when the Beatles do it(and do it much, MUCH worse), they're labeled as 'genius'.
  11. Yes, yes it does. PS: Outlaw Torn and Fixxxer>Your face.
  12. Now, now. Everyone likes their own stuff. Hell, ReLoad is the album got me listening to Metallica originally. I'm guessing I should be hiding my love for the Load albums here huh?
  13. I'd like to go with brown just being an awful for a mascot, and with Sega's logo itself being blue, why not? That comic just isn't even funny, worse than the Archie Sonic comics.
  14. The Outlaw Torn is the best damn song on that album, and I think Trigun would be flippin' perfect for it. Works perfectly when you think about it. The song is about losing someone dear to you and trying to find something to replace them in your life, and so with the Rem storyline and Vash being an Outlaw, I don't see how you could use Trigun for any other song in this project. I hope you finish this, part 1 was really well done.
  15. Well, since DBZ was supposed to be the story of Gohan's growth, the Cell saga would be a perfect place to end it. But I still think that the end of the Furiza saga would have made for a more perfect....er ending. w00t 1st post!