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  1. Tim Townsend posted this con sketch on his DA page, and I figured it would make a good warm-up piece. I spent a little less than a hour and a half from start to finish on it. What do you guys think?

    Art by Tim Townsend.


  2. I've had this pic in my stash for a while now, and even made a feeble attempt at it when I was first learning how to color. Well, with the movie out now, my wife asked me to re-do the pic for her, so here it is.

    Pencils by Adam Hughes

    Inks by Tim Townsend


  3. The background is very cool. I like how the floor actually looks a bit 3-D.

    Pretty easy to create actually. The shapes are just a brush that I have, but then I sectioned off part of the bottom with the rectangular marquee tool and then went to the transformation menu and adjusted the perspective.

    I actually had a bigger problem with the heroic stance and lack of evil in his expression more than the color scheme. The scheme itself will darken a bit when it actually comes time to color him for the book. I was more working out what I, the artist, and the boss wanted as far as a general look. Knowing the creator the way I do, there will be no doubt that this guy is dastardly. :happy:

    Made a couple of changes and pushed the background back so it wouldn't be so distracting.


  4. I was sent this character pin-up so that I could work up the color scheme for him. He'll be a villain in the Fallen Justice mini-series that I'm working on. I figured a character shot would be as good a time as any to take my first shot at the cut-&grad style. So, what do you think? What do I need to work on? I liked the experience and am pleased with the results, but I'm sure I'm missing something, so let me have it.

    Lines by Harold Edge

    Colors by me


  5. Well, after deciding to leave Fallen Justice because I had taken on a different book, and didn't think I would have time for two in my part time schedule, I've been sucked back in. :lol: I love working on this book and, thankfully, the creator is willing to put up with any delays caused by my working on another book. Hopefully, I can keep them alternating so that I don't get too overwhelmed.

    This is the cover to the 3rd issue.

    Lines by Harold Edge

    Colors by Ross Hughes


  6. Thanks!

    And on a brighter note, I'm going to be returning to the book. The creator and I talked over the weekend and he's willing to deal with any delays my working on another book might cause to bring me back on board. I'm psyched to be doing it again since I was just getting my feet wet with these characters and Harold and I seem to click artistically. :urock:

  7. I was sent this to see what I could do with this promo piece. Turns out I was reading the artist's mind when I went with the "Gatorade" concept. He and I are in such a groove artistically that I'm really having regrets about having to leave the book. :shakehead:

    I doubt the captions I put in will be part of the final product (God, I hope not. The font is terrible) but I thought it drove the point home. Still have a couple things to clean up before I call it done, but I figured it's close enough to show.

    Lineart by Harold Edge

    Colors by Ross Hughes


  8. No taken seriously. Actually use of filters by themselves are pretty much taboo and stick out like a sore thumb, but using them to HELP create effects can give you some really interesting images. Too many artists use them as a crutch when they start out though, myself included. But that's part of the growing process.

    Here's the pic without the lineart.


  9. Chrome filter? You wound me sir! :shakehead: I painted in the colors on the Surfer and the board. I used Liquify to pull the colors around to fit the shape board better and give it the liquid metal look though. The Surfer is almost entirely free hand though. I wasn't getting what I wanted from Liquify.

    I'll make a jpeg without the lineart and post that soon.