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  1. I know I haven't been terribly active here lately (mainly due to college + WFP covering two shows I don't care for), but I am working pretty hard on my review site again, so if anyone cares, here is another shameless plug.
  2. Hey I know I haven't posted in forever, but I am still keeping up with the podcast. Even though I haven't seen Zeta or Static and have no intention of doing so, these shows still give something to listen to in order to pass the time. Can't wait till Teen Titans and Justice League.
  3. I absolutely loved this episode and am so glad that there are new episodes coming in the next few weeks! I thought for sure that was the big season finale and we wouldn't be getting more for a while. So glad to know there are plenty more episodes coming as well. Excellent excellent series.
  4. Not a huge fan. I actually didn't mind the way they changed the ending to , but it lost all the moral ambiguity about it. The dialogue was lacking and Ozymandias was terrible. He was made to look like a sneering condescending jerk, the villain of the story. The book was far better about making him an actual character instead of the shameful caricature the movie made him. Also, the overdone violence was awful. Violence for the sake of violence. Every little thing causing a massive slo-mo blood spurt was stupid and undermined the violence in the book that actually meant something. Violence for the sake of violence goes against the point of the story. It also made the movie super unbelievable, especially all the stupid karate fights. Gah. But Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach were pretty great, so I have nothing to complain about there.
  5. Wow! Such high scores for Ace in the Hole. I'd probably give it a five or so. Big Time was easily my favorite of the batch. The wait until King's Ransom and Out of the Past is going to kill me. Also, The Call and Return of the Joker are right around the corner. Finally a break from the more mediocre episodes being covered lately.
  6. ummm u mean to tell me you're not watching anything else other thien this cartoon?? Nope. I can't stand TV these days. But I absolutely love superhero cartoons. Go figure. And to show that I'm not some big childhood nostalgia loon, part of the reason I gave up on TV to put more time into watching high art cinema.
  7. This show is awesome. It's the only show on TV I'm watching as of now. Also, Dread, how the hell is S:TAS utter shit? Even if you don't like it there is no denying 1) the great animation, 2) the great voice acting, 3) the great designs, 4) the great music.
  8. Either the Captain Marvel fight or any of the ring fights from 'The Cat and the Canary'. Great stuff.
  9. Sorry guys, but 'Golem' is about a hundred times better than 'Revenant'.
  10. For anyone who's seen '2001: A Space Odyssey', did anyone get any vibes of HAL 9000's deterioration from Vance's? The whole regression back to childhood thing seems very 2001-ish.
  11. Hey, haven't posted in a while. But yeah, I plan to finish them eventually. This year of school has just been really really busy. Thanks for the compliment though!
  12. Hey guys! I know I haven't posted in forever, but don't think I've forgotten about WFP. Senior year in high school and other interests and all that. But yeah, finally got around to picking up where I left off and having tons of fun. I still think it's getting better as it goes along, even though I love 'Golem'. But yeah, just dropping by and I'll probably be posting a lot more often again.
  13. But Darkseid didn't want Superman gone. He wanted him to be his pawn. His plan was to kill him later on, but it's more like Darkseid to use Superman for his own ends.
  14. Pre-Episode Banter -Wow, not much to talk about, moving along quickly. E-Mails -Yeah, I'm glad that Mister Miracle is touched on later in JLU, even if it is a horrible episode. -I really feel sorry for those in other countries who have no access to the DVD box-sets of these shows. -I did a psychology paper on MPD and DID too, and I showed my teacher both 'Two-Face' and 'Read My Lips'. I'd definitely be willing to help. I was the one who sent that e-mail forever ago. Episodes Chemistry- Blah. Not very good. There are some neat and pretty freakish ideas at work, but the romance is underdeveloped and the climax is laughable. -You guys have been disagreeing quite a bit lately. -The gruesome moments are the best parts of the episode Beware the Creeper- Good stuff. Some of it is too crazy, but love the Joker origin stuff and the Harley romance. -I'm pretty sure it was 'Animaniacs'. Mindy the girl who kept running away and had to be saved by her dog always said it. 'Freakazoid' is the best of those three cartoons by the way. -I love the pie scene Judgment Day- It's okay. Doesn't give Two-Face enough respect and the animation is incredibly wonky. -I definitely agree that it was underwhelming, but I also agree that the music is great. -Almost very much agreed about the plot holes. -There is no way that Two-Face would ever cheat at his coin toss. -I think that the senator and Lock-Up are different enough. Legacy- I don't think anything needs to be said. -Speaking of Cadmus, this episode plants a lot of the seeds for that story arc. -Interesting point about removing dictatorships in light of the people who admire them. Never picked up on that before. -Yeah, Luthor's reappearance is great. -Mike, don't be underwhelmed, this is great stuff. -I was sort of zoning out, but why would Darkseid feel the need to weaken Superman if he wants to use his power for his own means? -It's the fault of the network for not giving them another season as is my understanding. -Just because the episode doesn't show Steel, Flash, or Green Lantern fighting doesn't mean they weren't there. Scores Chemistry- You: 5.5 and 7 / Me: 6 Beware the Creeper- You: 7 and 8 / Me: 8 Judgment Day- You: 4 and 5 / Me: 7 Legacy- You: 6 and 8 / Me: 9
  15. Yeah, part of me wants to buy it as the Joker's mindset constantly changing, and that is a good point. But it still doesn't sit well with me.
  16. Pre-Episode Banter -Was that chat forum Toonzone? I think I remember that post he made. -Yeah, you have to regrade 'Heart of Ice'. E-Mails -I can't believe there was more to your laughing fit. That's insane. -I agree about Clayface. Easily the most consistent villain. Always has great animation too. -Holy smokes, Selina Kyle! That's pretty awesome. -I really loved 'Gotham Knight', and I'll defend it to the death. -Man, there's really a ton of descriptions of all sorts of later episodes here. Can't wait for them. -I can't believe you've seen 'Destroyer' over 150 times. Episodes Legends of the Dark Knight- One of the all-time greats for certain. Can't say enough good things about it. Expecting a good long discussion about it. -The great thing about this episode is that it chooses the two extremes of the character. -The first segment is such a perfect emulation of the Sprang style it's uncanny. -Michael Ironside was absolutely perfect for DKR Batman. -I also think it's awesome that Frank Miller was a huge fan of this segment. -Yeah Mike, there are no gripes with this episode. Don't even think about giving it anything less than a 10. -I was expecting the Firefly part to get a bit of flack. I still don't think it hurts the episode. Unity- Everyone hates this episode. I know that the story is ridiculous and the animation is horrible, but I've always enjoyed this one because it's just so weird and creepy. -Do you guys honestly think this is the worst one in the series? Even over 'Prototype'. -Ha, Farmer Brown. -I think there were some funny moments. Like the people on the bus arguing over whether the vegetables were turnips or rutabagas. -"Hey, don't be knockin' Pokemon", now that was a death blow to this episode. Girl's Night Out- Pretty bad. Just a generic girl get-together with really dull characters with no chemistry. There are some funny Harley moments though. -I never noticed how nonsensical it is that Harley would have her tongue out at the perfect moment for Supergirl to see it. -I'll try to look into the model later, but since it's taking me six days to write up my response, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has already figured it out. -Kryptonite leaves?!?!? You guys kill me. The Demon Reborn- Another subpar episode. Still, good to see another team-up episode and some awesome fight scenes. I just can't stand Ras Al Ghul's motivation. -I agree big time about how awful Ras looks. -I don't really mind about Ras' exit in S:TAS, because he comes back in 'Batman Beyond' and gets a perfect sendoff. -And I guess Ras would have worked well in JL, but I think that Vandal Savage more than made up for it. -I never really thought much about Batman's characterization here and how weird it is. Mad Love- I know it's one of everyone's favorites, but I never really thought of this one as a masterpiece. I think there are some very noticeable flaws, such as Joker's willingness to shoot Batman at the end right after going on about how elaborate Batman's death needs to be. Harley's flashback really has no context, etc. But still, everything else is pretty awesome. Harley slo-mo looked great. -Batman's laugh is utterly brilliant. -I agree that the episode has a great mature story, but there are some things that I just don't like about it. -What I loved about the ending is that it almost seems nice on Joker's part that he sent her a flower. Even though it's more than likely just a way to get her back under his control, it almost feels sweet, in a twisted sort of way. -That's really interesting about what the comic left out. I guess it makes sense that she was a horrible psychiatrist. -Interesting note about the shift from regular laugh to maniacal Joker laugh. Scores Legends of the Dark Knight- You: 10 / Me: 10 Unity- You: 1 and 2 / Me: 4 Girl's Night Out- You: 6 and 8 / Me: 5 The Demon Reborn- You: 2 and 7 / Me: 6 Mad Love- You: 10 / Me: 9 Next show is going to be epic.
  17. Was I supposed to like it? Ratings ploys are never a good thing and 'Static Shock' succumbed to them frequently.
  18. The animation in 'Static Shock' was some of the worst I've ever seen in my life, and the special guest stars were ridiculous. It's going to be tough braving through that section of WFP.
  19. Dude that was probably the funniest moment of all WFP. That was the hardest I've heard Mike laugh at anything.
  20. If Nightwing needed a show, then you could make a case for many others. Personally, I feel that the show would have just ended up just like B:TAS: a dark hero in a dark city fighting bad guys. I'd prefer a Flash or a Green Lantern cartoon.
  21. Pre-Episode Banter -I only had the second one and that was pretty awesome. The fourth one looks pretty cool. -I loved 'Gotham Knight', so I'm glad that you didn't hate it. I thought the Killer Croc story was one of the best stories on the set actually, best animation by far. And glad to hear some love for 'Have I Got a Story For You'. -Senior year of high school starts in about a week for me, so I know how you feel. E-Mails -I don't think there was any homage in 'The Dark Knight' to Burton's films at all. If anything, they were showing how they're doing things better than those films. -And yeah, the crooked cop also had the exact same name as the Year One cop: Flass. -The 'Watchmen' trailer blew my mind. I'm desperately hoping that it turns out okay. -Yeah, that line was definitely in the Terminator trailer. -'Chase Me' is pretty incredible. Easily the best thing involving Catwoman in the DCAU. Funny that Adrienne Barbeau didn't get to voice her. -'Looney Tunes' rules. I'm currently collecting the Golden Collections volumes. -Agreed. I won't be able to listen to the podcast because 'Static' and 'Zeta' are two series I've never seen and probably never will see. -'Starcrossed' is good, but I think there's a lot of JLU stuff that's better. 'Epilogue', 'Beware the Gray Ghost', and 'Apokalips...Now!' are all up there. -Too bad you didn't understand it. I understood it pretty well, but yeah, at least you can be happy that it supports your position on the matter. Episodes Animal Act- I don't like this episode. Anything that adds to DCAU history is good, but this plot is just all kinds of ridiculous. -I agree about Dick's and Tim's relationship being one of the very few good things about this episode. -I think that 'The Demon Within' had the best animation of the batch easily, but the S:TAS episodes are abysmal, both done by the same studio that did 'The Terrible Trio'. -Wow, that's sad that Mad Hatter doesn't get to come back. His episodes just got progressively worse. -Oh yeah, I love the stuff with Bullock and the clown. The censors clearly weren't doing their job. Superman's Pal- This episode is horrible, the worst of all S:TAS. The animation is horrible, Metallo is continually bastardized, and the story plays out like an episode of 'Hey Arnold' or something. Bad bad bad bad bad. -The animation was done by the studio that did 'The Terrible Trio', called Jade. It's horrible. -Yeah, no one likes Angela Chin. -Agreed about 'Absolute Power', that makes a lot of sense. -Tina had to have one of the dumbest character motivations ever; love the conversation about Metallo's inability to be sexually stimulated. Old Wounds- I don't love this as much as most people, but I still think it's invaluable. I just have a handful of issues, like Joker's minor role and the fact that Batgirl has no character, and that Batman would actually risk her life by bringing him on the mission to stop his most dangerous villain. That really makes no sense to me. But I adore the ending that shows that Batman still has a heart to him. -Mike, that's the hardest I've ever heard you laugh. -No, the animation is not nearly as good as that in 'Growing Pains' or 'Over the Edge'. -Yeah, I can't stand comic book continuity at all. -A B:TAS style flashback would have been awesome. -I never noticed that Lucius had a daughter in this one. Makes sense considering that the Fox has a legacy in 'Batman Beyond'. -I love that Alfred moment. It's probably somewhere in my top five Alfred moments right behind his appearance in 'Starcrossed'. -No, Joker had never met Batgirl. She only appeared in two episodes and like James says, he wasn't in any of them. -I don't remember her being mentioned in 'Harlequinade' at all. -I'm kind of glad that we get a solo Joker appearance for once. -Ha, that's a great catch Mike. Dick really should have a better education in the art of excuse-making. -I'm surprised that Batman went that far in that scene. Really felt unlike him. A Fish Story- Okay, so the animation's not that good and the story is kind of weak, but it's Aquaman! The only Aquaman that makes that orange costume look badass. I can't tell you how much of a joy it was watching this episode as a little kid, because the only Aquaman I was ever used to was the 'Superfriends' version. -Interesting that Aquaman stayed true to his warning with his JL appearances. -James is right. This episode has just as terrible animation as 'Superman's Pal', done by the same studio. You're far from the only one who thinks so. -Mike, you have to get more acquainted with Aquaman. -Yeah, I like that Aquaman changed his appearance in JL. He feels more rugged and world-weary. -I never noticed that about Lois revving her car. -A stick-shift seems to really suit Lois though. -I figured that Jimmy was just a teenager. -I think his last appearance was definitely 'Apokalips...Now!' The Demon Within- I like this episode. It's pretty much just a big action show, with a bunch of awesome animation and cool effects. Also neat that Etrigan shows back up later in JL. -Yeah, agreed about everything pretty much. This is an interesting idea for an episode and the animation is mind-blowing. -I don't know who's more irritating: Klarion or Mordred. -I loved it when Batman was screwing with Klarion, easily one of the great Batman moments of TNBA. -Oh yeah, I forgot about the Klarion reference in 'Revenant'. -He joins the league in JLU. Scores Animal Act- You: 5 and 6 / Me: 5 Superman's Pal- You: 2 and 3 / Me: 3 Old Wounds- You: 9 and 10 / Me: 8 A Fish Story- You: 5 and 6 / Me: 7 The Demon Within- You: 8 and 9 / Me: 8.5 Great job. Can't wait for 'Legends of the Dark Knight'.
  22. That would be awesome. Too bad I haven't read any of the comics or played most of the video games. I don't know, but if it's supposed to be the DC ANIMATED Universe, you'd think that it'd just stick to the cartoons. Now I could do that. I've actually memorized every episode's animation studio... There was one guy, Trevor Balena, who made some commentaries for DCAU episodes, but never got around to getting very far. I would love to tackle a project like that, doing commentaries over every single episode of the DCAU.
  23. My favorite is 'A Better World', followed closely by either 'Legends' or 'Hereafter'.
  24. Yeah, 'Savage Time' would probably be just after 'Legends'. I just thought it was the most perfect tribute to the Silver Age of comics I've ever seen, it had an actual cliffhanger, and the ending was beautiful.
  25. Thanks, I'm working on 'The Demon's Quest' right now and it's a real toughie. For discussion's sake, am I the only one who thinks that 'Legends' is the best episode of Justice League's first season?