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  1. I keep talking about Naruto and you keep referencing Bleach. This makes for an extremely odd conversation.
  2. Current Weekly Jump Naruto spoiler related to my previous post: Post "Pain" arc spoiler:
  3. I was worried that people would hate me talking about random crap for over half an hour. I'm glad that's not the case~ I love some of the abridged series, and this will probably result in me proposing that we watch several of them, good or bad, and record our thoughts on them. In regards to Gintama, it's not a series I've seen in local stores. I'mma poke Kellen with a virtual IM stick and see what he thinks.
  4. I think I'm fortunate that I never found myself REALLY getting into Bleach in any form. And I'm also glad that I got sick of Naruto-anime during the "way too much filler" period prior to Shippuden/timeskip. I still keep up with Naruto manga. Despite... (Current story arc running in Weekly Jump) ...I still enjoy it, I'd just rather they didn't go in that direction.
  5. About four feet away from where I usually sit when I hang out at Kellen's. Right next to Gantz~ Non-Derail: Rewatching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, watching Bakuman.
  6. MM1: All (beaten powered up) MM2: All (beat) MM3: All (beat) MM4: All (beat) MM5: Missing 4 MM6: Missing 1 MM7: Missing 3 MM8: All (beat) MM9: Missing 6 R/F: Missing 5 61/80 Basically, any megaman I've beaten, I know them all :-p
  7. It's not fake. It's scripted. It's pre-determined. It's fictional. But I do get a bit uppity when people go "it's fake" as a kneejerk reaction to someone who's acts as if it's 100% reality. DCAUFan, if she was just a fan, they wouldn't give her name, they wouldn't show her on camera, she'd be led away by security off-camera, and quite possibly barred from ANY event at the venue in question. I'd post a link to a Youtube of an example where a fan is led away and Shawn Michaels is sitting on the turnbuckle waving byebye but I don't have the link so welp.
  8. What was one of the proposed (and rejected!) names for the original Mega Man? (AKA Rockman)
  9. Dragonball (Z) - Super Saiyan? Super Sonic. Star Wars - Death Star? Death Egg.
  10. I would have also accepted "Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular". Next.
  11. Name two console games that were based off a newspaper comic strip.
  12. Virgin Entertainment got bought out by EA and EA spiked it, and then ended up reusing the engine for that damn Wutang clan game.
  13. Note what I said about this four months ago, Kellen. It's still true now. Disclaimer: I'm not too fond of Randy to begin with, but QFT. Also, to those who haven't figured it out yet... I know Kellen IRL, met him through WAC, so I've been watching this whole thing develop for quite a while now. So at the very least, consider this confirmation that he's not just making this stuff up :-p
  14. Kellen, hit me up on MSN, we need to talk 'bout dis, and most importantly, it's probably a bad idea to be posting this on a public forum on teh internets when they KNOW you post here - you link to this site often enough on the WAC boards... Edit: Now granted, I'm probably the only person on WAC boards aside from you who has actually put forward the effort to create a username and log in here, but welp