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  1. I think if you take the music away, more people wouldn't be so negative on it. I think it looks fine and will check it out.
  2. It was ok. Thought there was good and bad.
  3. The last one felt like the series was on its last legs.
  4. Eh I don't really care about Spider man either way. The 2 new ones have been terrible.
  5. I think its going to be Thawne as the Reverse Flash, just speculation on my part obviously but RF watching Barry with Iris and not killing or even hurting Eddie when they came face to face.
  6. so Krypton on the Syfy network is happening. It follows Superman's grandpa. So we might have 2 shows next year (Krypton and Supergirl) that are associated with Superman but never mention him.
  7. Pumped for next week's fall finale.
  8. Will Smith casting is really interesting
  9. I thought they would just stick him in the next xmen movie. I dont know if the character is strong enough for a solo movie especially since Rogue really can't be his love interest in this universe.
  10. huh, I never really saw Gambit as having a stand alone movie.
  11. Huh? Shes the focus of the season with being Ward's keeper, and her relationship with her dad.
  12. Want to echo the Jesse Martin love, definitely great in this show.
  13. Of course Sky knows exactly what the drawing is, of course.
  14. Yea I liked it as well, really enjoy the chemistry between Gordon and Bullock.
  15. I was under the impression that Ivy was just a one off like a "teehee look she likes plants even as a child".
  16. I liked what I saw. But again its the pilot don't want to give too much praise or shit on it. By episode 4 things could be dramatically different. Although I don't think Ivy will be anymore eps.
  17. Arrow, Flash, Constantine, Gotham, and the upcoming projects of Titans and Supergirl and Lucifer. They are on the ball with tv shows.
  18. Easy to get lost in the shuffle with Guardians and Turtles.