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  1. The Rey/Kylo sections are among the best of Star Wars; the rest has thematic points but is absolutely pointless on a narrative level.
  2. I figured my general disposition toward the MCU would have been answer enough. Singin' in the Rain.
  3. Going full Silver Age means passionately embracing superheroes without fear of embarrasment, which is something the MCU producers are in mortal fear of, hence the jokes the movies are filled with so that everybody knows they don't take it seriously.
  4. I want to cover at least one of Welles' adaptations, and the Moonlighting episode "Atomic Shakespeare."
  5. They're completely different characters, and the mantle of Black Panther and the crown are central to the movie.
  6. Fellowship. T2 would be a much harder call.
  7. Sure you can. There's not a fucking thing besides that to sell a Venom movie on.
  8. Se7en The Thing Gravity is a theme park ride.
  9. I was hoping we'd get a classic Toland/Sims bit like Dan going "she's a very famous porn star," and Mike going, "huh, I didn't know that," but alas.
  10. The concept is good, but the execution is ultimately a pretty typical superhero movie when the humor isn't falling flat on its face. It tries to juggle ridiculous stuff like the machine gun leg and expecting us to genuinely give a shit about Peyton and his girlfriend, which I think is a tonal failure. There are also a bunch of moments when the film cuts away when Raimi would go grosser, having to water down his style to try to appeal to mainstream audiences. Fifteen years later, Raimi has Doc Ock's arms massacre a hospital room and it's a better Raimi scene than anything in Darkman.
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    Animaniacs Thread

    This is that "Netflix should bring back the 90s X-Men cartoon" article, except real.
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    Animaniacs Thread

    90s nostalgia train keeps a' rollin'.