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  1. Where can I get an Anti-Didio Helmet?
  2. Koete

    Countdown #24

    I think those'll be another group of those great unanswered questions, joining such quandarys as "Why was Superman Returns made?".
  3. Koete

    Da Goon

    The cool part about the Chinatown graphic novel is that there have been references to something happening with The Goon in Chinatown, pretty much since the beginning of the series.
  4. Koete

    Countdown #24

    Alright, so Superman-Prime's in Countdown. Now, I'm not so much angry that he's appearing before the end of Sinestro Corps War. More I'm pissed that he's still alive. He's the most one dimensional character I've seen in a long time. I mean, all he does is whine about his earth, cry about his long obliterated girlfriend, and kill a bunch of heroes for no reason. And now he's doing the same crap again in Countdown. When I first saw the Black Costume Superman, I though he was going to be along the lines of Justice Lords, not a jackass. If he's the guy killing all the New Gods, I'll be sorely disappointed.
  5. That would be pretty cool. Wouldn't mind seeing him on Batman either. Whatever he's on, it should be a top tier book.
  6. Moved Countdown #24 comment to Countdown #24 thread. Thanks for the welcome Dread! Glad to be here.
  7. Koete

    Da Goon

    Anyone else a fan of Eric Powell's "The Goon"? I got to meet Eric Powell at Baltimore Con this past September, and after enjoying his work on Action Comics a great deal, I picked up the first trade of The Goon at his booth. I'm three trades in now and loving every issue. The art is fantastic, the painted covers are gorgeous, and the stories are hilarious. Spontaneously combusting orangutans? Pure genius.
  8. I found it odd that Bagley would leave Marvel after so many years, but I guess he wanted to try his hand at different characters, which I can understand. Whatever he's on, I'll be picking it up.
  9. Er...Yes. :laugh: Spider-Man's my favorite character and the creative teams look top quality. However, I believed that Friendly and Sensational were perfectly fine books. Friendly was the fun Spider-Man, Sensational was for the more off beat Spidey stories, and Amazing was the book to tie into the universe. It was great reading such a variety of different facets to the Spidey universe, but I guess in the end, it all comes down to sales.
  10. Looks like X-Force will be debuting in February. Can't wait, Clayton Crain is one of my favorite artists in the current industry, glad to see him on a monthly book.
  11. These are fantastic podcasts. Love a good, long podcast. Haven't found any that are longer yet. :laugh: I've been enjoying Countdown. I like that I have a comic I get every week. Not that there aren't ups and downs. The Trickster and Piper storyline has been my favorite, followed by the Jimmy Olsen. The Challengers is okay. Don't care much about the Holly or Mary Marvel (now that the panty mystery has been solved). I haven't been outright pissed at an issue until #24, but that's another discussion.
  12. As I was introduced to Earth-2.net through Mike's promotion of the first episode of WFP (then an episode of Earth-2.net The Show) and WFP is one of my favorite podcasts, it only seems right my first post be in the WFP forum. In my opinion, Batman: Mask of The Phantasm is the second best Batman film ever made, live action or animation. The 60's Batman film, though in that era of Batman camp, is alot of fun ("Somedays you just can't get rid of a bomb"), but it's not The Dark Knight. I know Mike has problems with the Tim Burton Batman films, but I enjoy them, the first over the second comparing the two. They were a huge step in the direction of the Dark Knight, but there's something I can't put my finger on that makes them not the best of the Batman films, in my opinion, I'd put the both at third. Batman Forever is better than Batman and Robin, but even still, they're towards the bottom. Batman Begins is widely considered the best by many and I agree, 'nuff said. Now finally to Batman: Mask of The Phantasm. I don't know if it was on the big screen or on VHS, but I remember seeing this as a kid and being blown away. I saw a ton of animated films in my childhood, mostly the Disney stuff naturally, but no other film sticks out in my memory as much as MoP. To me, it was the culmination of BTAS, being too young to see the Burton films, this was my Batman film. The animation was fantastic, the music memorable, it had Batman's greatest foe, The Joker, and he was scarier than we had ever seen in BTAS. That and, as a kid, the Phantasm looked damn cool. This film just WAS Batman. It was dark, it was grim, it had action, emotion, it takes the Batman universe established in BTAS and replicates that on a grand scale. Until Batman Begins, no other film gave us a better picture into Batman's universe and mythos, and almost 15 years later, it still gives us that picture clearer than almost all other Batman films.