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  1. Look, if you want to draw one-handed, own up to it. You just look ridiculous going on about creators' rights while still thinking drawing a dick is going to make you gay or some shit.
  2. Reminds me of Adam Hughes saying he had to get drunk to draw Doctor Manhattan's dick.
  3. - $300 - $50 in Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards - $25 Amazon gift card - American Hustle Blu-ray - Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates DVD - Wonder Woman: Ambassador of Truth - The Complete Persepolis - Spider-Man #1 t-shirt - A couple dress shirts - Jeans - A bottle of Jack Daniels
  4. Jedi Inglorious Basterds Jedi Jedi Pirates of the Caribbean Jedi
  5. Fuck Ralph Dibney's bootleg Will Forte ass, and fuck those Microsoft Surface ads with him in them.
  6. Marvel is now calling backups post-credit scenes, along with the Infinity Gems now being called Infinity Stones, because they're not hiding the movies dictating the comics anymore.
  7. I caught it so many times on Comedy Central.
  8. That wouldn't be very Canadian of you.
  9. Caitlin doesn't have enough character to die.
  10. During the season premiere, Caitlin says, supposedly threateningly, "don't make me frosty; you wouldn't like me when I'm frosty." I think we can call time of death.
  11. Pretty sure people have mentioned Patty Jenkins leaving.
  12. Yep, that's what irritates me the most about them.
  13. Never underestimate Ian's need to Slam Evil.
  14. And it had a comic penciled by Steve Ditko.
  15. Besides the head going in the dumpster, VIII is straight garbage.
  16. I believe it will include Gotham Knights.
  17. Announced at NYCC, Warner Archive will be releasing BTAS on Blu-ray in late 2018.
  18. I'm more invested in it than I was in The Avengers, but I don't have much hope for it with all the production turmoil.
  19. That isn't the first episode I would have made if I wanted to hook people into paying for a streaming service.