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  1. Because one brand doesn't want to play with another brand.
  2. Maybe I'll be thrown for a loop, but I can't imagine Kinberg making a good movie.
  3. Koete

    32 years of Ian!

    Many happy returns, Mr. Wilson! I got you an autograph from the best Punisher, from the best Punisher movie.
  4. Love the shot of him in the trees.
  5. *taps head* Can't be hurled under the bus when I've never been shy about it.
  6. Happy One Year Countdown to Being Considered Old as Hell!
  7. Shouldn't you have posted a John Oliver gif?
  8. Snyder mentioned he knew the internet would do what they do, and lo and behold, even after sharing something unimaginably painful, people are being loathsome garbage.
  9. Love Hardy, but Venom is pontless without Spider-Man and Fleischer is a hack.
  10. In Big Finish tradition, the Fourth Doctor has a new companion.
  11. Reminder that they're playing the first two episodes on IMAX.
  12. I was also in high school.
  13. Marvel Legacy: definitely, totally, absolutely not exactly like DC Rebirth.
  14. I'd rate all of those better. North by Northwest is definitely a better Cary Grant movie.
  15. Mediocre Hitchcock in my book. There's a couple standout sequences, but it's not as clever or gripping as the best of his work.
  16. No argument from me, that's one of the interesting bits.
  17. Because it's a decent 80s action movie with some interesting bits but is largely unremarkable?