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  1. The incredulous look on Capaldi's face when Norton asks if the Daleks are based on the Nazis is amazing.
  2. The David Pumpkins SNL sketch.
  3. Something about the next movie looks familiar.
  4. Indeed, but let's ignore that and bask in your glory! In that case, here's mine! 1989: Do the Right Thing 1990: Goodfellas 1991: Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1992: Unforgiven 1993: Carlito's Way 1994: Pulp Fiction 1995: Dead Man 1996: Lone Star 1997: Boogie Nights 1998: The Thin Red Line 1999: eXistenZ 2000: Memento 2001: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2002: 25th Hour 2003: Kill Bill Volume 1 2004: The Aviator 2005: Domino 2006: The Prestige 2007: There Will Be Blood 2008: The Dark Knight 2009: Inglourious Basterds 2010: Exit Through the Gift Shop 2011: The Grey 2012: Cosmopolis 2013: The Wolf of Wall Street 2014: Interstellar 2015: The Hateful Eight 2016: The Neon Demon
  5. As much as I love being shamelessly ripped off, it's a widespread meme.
  6. "Yeah, I suppose." Dan Toland: spitting on Andy Rooney's grave.
  7. One might say he's worthy of someone with a Tomb of Dracula podcast stealing a death related bit from BOTI because he hates that dipshit so much.
  8. Malcolm X is an almost required choice. You could also take a related road and cover Mo' Better Blues, Washington's first collaboration with Spike Lee. I'm going to campaign hard for Devil in a Blue Dress; it's a noir set in the '40s with a black lead and director, a perspective that the racism of the original noir era excluded. Training Day is another one on the required list, as it's the film he won his Oscar for. A revenge film like Man on Fire or The Equalizer, or a later acclaimed performance film like Flight, could also occupy the last slot.
  9. In May, it will have been 10 fucking years since Countdown.
  10. I caught up on the second half of the season today, and think it's a step up from the first half: the Flash/Kid Flash team-ups are the most fun the show's been in awhile, the sweet side of Barry and Iris' relationship works, Gypsy was a villain of the week played by someone with actual charisma, the writers are making an effort to build up a Caitlin/Julian relationship as opposed to when they slapped Caitlin and "Jay" together, and the team trying to alter the events on the way to Iris' death is at least a twist on the tired time travel. The lying and "I'll have a talk with him" are still at critical mass, and despite a moment or two HR is still completely unnecessary, but there is an uptick in quality compared to where the show's been.
  11. Watched the pilot, and it's like they were actively trying to be as unfunny as possible.
  12. The Thing over Die Hard, Alien over The Thing.
  13. Sorry, I'm with Ian; saying BvS is worse than Superman IV is absurd, and I'm on audio record as to my feelings on BvS.
  14. That was me at the end of the last series finale.
  15. Loving the acknowledgement of Noah.