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  1. Dude....seriously? I mean, I like aspects of Ifans' portrayal, but the villainous scheme......the villainous scheme...... I think Connors' character was muddled, but the fight at the school is one of the best fights in a superhero movie.
  2. Yeah, I took it as in the 2010s. Cause if we go back to Heath Ledger's Joker, I don't know when we'll get a villain that isn't in his shadow.
  3. Daniel Bruhl was great for what we saw of Zemo. I think Winter Soldier has been a minor player in his own movie and a plot device in the follow-up, so I can't co-sign him. Ultron: the last thing the Marvel movies need is more jokes. Red Skull was rote and a wasted opportunity. I agree that Zod is the best in recent years. I love how Michael Shannon differentiated between pre and post Phantom Zone, and his being genetically programmed to ensure Krypton's survival gave another layer to both the character and the greater mythology.
  4. Not much to add, though I'd say it was a step-up from the previous two. There are still problems, like the aforementioned "you need to talk to" parade and the waaaaay outdated TV version of "multiple personality disorder." But between something actually happening in the Barry and Iris relationship, Wells-2 coming back (although his less dickish personality and "not" jokes were shaky), and the set-piece at the end feeling more superhero than most of the recent one-off villains, it had more energy to it. Jesse was more of a plot device last year, so fingers crossed that they make her more dynamic. They seem to be continuing the relationship between her and Wally that popped up last year, which could be interesting or just fall flat. I can't tell if Julian yelling at the metahuman villain in the middle of police HQ was dumb or a natural extension of his character.
  5. Now that he has his Oscar, he can turn his full attention to the environment.
  6. Yeah it did, Felicity told Barry to fix it and he ran off. The entire episode wasn't a flashback.
  7. It lives! Now at Sony, Fede Alvarez attached to direct, Daniel Casey working on the script.
  8. You're right, I was more thinking of the middle as the high point of Daredevil Season 2, with the trial of The Punisher and the return of Kingpin. While I liked the siege of the hospital, I'm not a big fan of The Hand even in the comics.
  9. Interesting. I thought it took 5 or 6 episodes before both of the Daredevil seasons really got going, while Jessica Jones hit a point where they could have ended, but artificially extended things.
  10. Probably because it's made by fan film people.
  11. Also, the Christmas episode involves a superhero.
  12. Hrrrm...I guess that alternate reality is one where I would lose this argument.
  13. Peter Capaldi is in the first episode of Class, which starts October 22nd.
  14. In that reality, people would champion even harder for him because he was more obscure.