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  1. I joined this forum and started listening to World’s Finest Podcast when it began, while I was in 6th grade. I graduated college last month and am starting a career as a National Accounts Manager later this month.
  2. How do you figure? I assume it was longer because of a line made by the Joker during The Dark Knight.
  3. I don't know how fast it would be, but if you plug it into your mac, you can (very easily) make your mac a wireless router via the system preferences.
  4. Doug


    For what ever reason, I could have sworn he did. I feel stupid. Damn it all.
  5. Doug


    Hey Mike, or any other X-Men fan, why doesn't Professor X use his telekinesis to let him walk?
  6. Doug

    The Apple Inc. Thread This cloud trend needs to go away. I want my music to work when there is no internet. Music purchased on my computer would also be available on my computer offline. The idea of the cloud is you don't need to sync everything at once, you can grab as you need. You can still sync data your self. Twitter received full integration opposed to Facebook because Apple and Facebook had a dispute over "Ping" which originally included Facebook integration. The "facebook phone" is in no way a competitor to the iPhone. Sorry for the late response
  7. I believe it is time to upgrade the hard drive in my trust 'ole MacBook. Any suggestions as to what brand I should get? I have 250 gigs right now, and planning to purchase 500 gig drive. Should I go higher? EDIT: This is the drive I'm considering:
  8. Doug


    Um, am I the only one who didn't know that the 1990's Spider-man and X-Men cartoons are available for streaming?
  9. 80) That "Doug" guy makes you feel old. 81) Young members are annoying. 82) Not wearing panties makes you better at kung-fu.
  10. Doug


    Well I decided that I no longer wanted to have the dishonor of not saying I have never played a Pokemon game, So I started playing yellow. Awesomeness.
  11. I am now officially down 10 pounds after hitting the gym for the past month.
  12. Looks great, good job!
  13. Happy Birthday Des!