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  1. CN as I'm sure most know is reviving Teen Titans due to the success of the shorts(although, this is due to the popularity of YJ & GL, but they still canceled them)and now we will see a whole new set of episodes that continue the series. I am hoping we get a podcast at least after the first season comes out
  2. What about Teen Titans Go! I'm still really upset about CN canceling YJ & GL, instead of just adding another hour to the DC Nation block(I mean, come on DC needs to get out there like Marvel has)
  3. These are the tiles I've recently begun playing: Lego Batman: The Video Game (Nintendo DS) Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (Nintendo DS) Yoshis Island DS (Nintendo DS) {I took a break on this cause the last level is extremely difficult to get 100% on} Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (Nintendo Gamecube) Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii) Bully: The Scholarship Edition (Nintendo Wii) Justice League Heroes (Playstation 2) Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64) Banjo-Tooie (Nintendo 64) Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Mini's (Nintendo DS){I just beat the GBA original} Wario World (Nintendo Gamecube) Batman: Vengeance (Nintendo Gamecube) Donkey Kong Land 2 (Nintendo Gameboy) Sonic Advance (Nintendo Gameboy Advance) Sonic Advance 2 (Nintendo Gameboy Advance) Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Nintendo DS) I just got 100% on Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (Nintendo DS)
  4. Now I read this off of wikipedia and I am one of those who don't believe Teen Titans is in the DCAU continuity, but I know that this site does, or at least the moderators of this podcast, so now that this series of shorts are being produced does this mean new episodes of WFP may begin
  5. I liked it a lot and really hope they finish it, so far the news is that Frank Miller is going to finish it but it won't be under the All Star title. My only gripe was how they used Black Canary and the overuse of Goddamn, although, I guess it was meant to be repetitive. OMG is Dick Grayson nuts as hell, I don't know if Batman was smart in kidnapping him, lol. I was really interested in seeing how it continues, especially with the Gangster version of The Joker.
  6. That's cool, I thought the book had an ok story, I'm not huge into politics so it took a 2nd read to really appreciate what Frank Miller was writing about. I have yet to get the All Star Superman, the artwork from what I've seen is ehh I'm used to the gritty look that Batman novels have, so it'll get some getting used too. But at the moment I'm going between the Batman Chronicles and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8
  7. It looks better than The Dark Knight Returns artwork, god I hate that artwork
  8. Hey James, sorry I missed the ending of WFP, that was definitely a huge part of why I got into this website and the ONLY reason I started watching Teen Titans. I was having problems, but I wanted to know with a new 21 Jump Street film coming out and Booker on DVD, will there be a podcast on those, I'd love it. I would do it myself but don't have the proper equipment, thank you 4 reading

  9. Where did you find it, all I get when I search are reviews of the book and people's thoughts on how they feel about the film coming out
  10. I think Meloni would make a pretty good Lex Luthor or even John Corben, he's young enough to play in Superman's early years and is a great actor. I'd love to see him in either role. Him playing General Sam Lane, I'm hesitant on, only because he is young and even though make up can make him look older(like Marlon Brando)I think he'd be a better fit for a different character. I'd love to see a veteran actor like R. Lee Ermey or his twin play the role, I know he's basically type cast in the drill sergeant role, but it because he is so good at it.
  11. Actually its all about the money, I know that its a business and with a business money is to be made, but it just sucks that they would release volumes or best of sets to see if there is an interest and than release full seasons afterward. What does that mean to the fan that brought the volumes or best of sets? It means that they have to shell out more hard earned money for episodes they already have, just so they can complete their collection. Its like the Superman set, now they already know that people are going to want to buy that set, so why hold off on what they held off on. I know the Superboy pilot was probably left off due to legal reasons, but what about the extra deleted scenes. Thy did that to get another 100 plus dollars out of people, even if they already brought the previous sets. So I say screw them. I'll just have a friend burn the disc on a regular DVD and buy it from them.
  12. I've done another one, since I'm more of a Batman fan, I thought I'd do him as well
  13. I didn't want to make a whole topic, but I know this is where I can post a link; here is my facebook album that I created. Its not 100% yet as there are two more voice actors I haven't been able to find photos for. But check it out
  14. DAMNIT, I hate this, Cartoon Network is terrible at putting their product out there, we never see reruns of episodes of a cartoon, especially Batman or Young Justice, the only time the shows are advertised or a repeat is shown is during the time in which new episodes are appearing. This has been a huge problem with networks in the past 10 years, with shows going on DVD, and Reality shows being cheap to produce and having a good amount of viewership involved, the networks seem to not care about keeping the interest of the shows they have until a couple weeks before new episodes begin. Shows like Tru Calling, Bionic Woman and more had potential, but with them not showing anything on those series during the season hiatus(with Bionic Woman it was the lack of advertisement and the writer's strike that killed the series), interest wained or people forgot. I have been watching B:TBATB, through torrents to catch up, simply because I never remember when the series is on and they never air reruns. Also, I'm gonna wait until the series has ended and they release a Complete Series set, cause these SEASON 1 VOLUME 1, BS, is a huge SCREW YOU, to us fans. I wish TV could go back to the way it was, where the shows are shown on a yearly basis, with reruns during the breaks(occasionally a movie instead), instead of stupid SCRIPTED Reality shows and "Talent" shows with no talent.
  15. OK, I watched it today for the first time, and yeah I was definitely disappointed. I don't go into these movies expecting to be wowed or anything, I usually put my expectations low, so perhaps I'll be surprised and like it. First off, the 3D gimmick has never worked, since the 1950's studios have tried to make us shell out more money for the us of glasses that make us look like idiots. In the 50's people were wowed by the images of things coming at them, but in this day and age, when technology is so ramped, its not cool or OMG amazing, its just annoying. I went to see Thor and had no choice, but to see it in 3D, cause my theaters didn't give th 2D version, so I had to shell out like 5 dollars for about 10 minutes worth of useful 3D, while the rest of the film was actually in 2D. OK, well I'm getting off the subject here; The Final Destination, just seemed to recycle the same crap again, which isn't surprising, but its like they didn't even try. The acting didn't feel real, it just felt forced, the deaths weren't cool, they were either predictable, stretched out too long or unrealistic(a guy gets suck into a suction drain). Another problem here is the filmmakers did write in a somewhat interesting idea, a lead character that diverts TWO disasters.... SPOILERS Near the end of the film, the lead has a premonition of his girlfriend and her best friend being killed in a mall explosion(starting in the theater where there watching a OMG WHAT A SHOCK, A 3D FILM), by the end of the premonition he sees himself watching her die and than comes back to reality. He than heads to the theaters to stop the disaster and is successful. This means a new group of people were saved from death by this guy, they were all meant to die, due to these two girls being in the area and their still alive. A hobo, later makes a remark that he saved so many people who would have died, but that is all that is mentioned from it. Wouldn't this mean that Death was gonna go after those people now? Why not, start the next movie off with him stopping the theater disaster and following a group of the people that were there and finding out what is going on(it could happen in between the two week span before the actual end of the movie)? Instead we are getting yet another stupid 3D film of a bridge disaster. If these films have made anything clear, its that Death never spares, and yet we get a mall full of spared people, plus the two kids, whose mom was killed by a rock through the eye are still alive(they would have died in the racetrack disaster too)
  16. This is such a great series, the stories are tight, consistent with the games bios, acting is by far some of the best I've seen in a long time. The style is great, love the scenery and sets and locations they go too. The effects are pretty good for a budget I would expect is low. I'd say this can make a killing as an actual TV series, maybe on HBO or Showtime and later go on DVD.
  17. I can't get on, it ask about the Quicktime being allowed to work, I click yes, than I just get a black screen
  18. I did enjoy Lana is the early seasons, between S1-S3 she was actually quite an interesting character, the writers seemed to know what to do with her, keeping the actual mythology of Lana and how there was a romance that was never meant to be and all. Once S4 rolled around, her character seemed to dry out real quick, constantly complaining, being deceptive ans giving off mix signals. The S5 episodes where Clark was human I was able to deal as well, but that is because Clark was more open with her, so she had very little to complain about. Once they broke up that time she really just became a headache. Than when she returned she once again became somewhat tolerable, in fact I was quite moved with the last episode she was in and the emotion. Kristen isn't a bad actress, but I think the writers just gave up on the character.
  19. I know that The Dark Knight Returns(with a few of the voices from Year One)is also on the list and also Justice League: Doom(based on Tower of Babel)is also on the list
  20. Thank you, judging it according to others opinions and by the way she looks is not the way to go. The Aquaman pilot had a hell of a thing going for it, t had two major stars and considering it was a pilot was somewhat engaging. The Crosby pilot was great, but it was called Wonder Woman and that pissed people off, if it wasn't called that it would have turned into a great series.
  21. That's the thing, who said it was terrible, a small group of people in a room and few stuffed shirt say this and suddenly its true. I want them to at least show the pilot and let us, the REAL viewers be the judge. I mean even the Crosby pilot, which had NOTHING to do with the character got an airing. NBC is just desperate for viewers and don't want to risk a time slot. The CW, on the other hand is barely scraping by, so they have to take chances.
  22. That is actually what I am hoping, it could possibly have Chloe and Tom Welling guest starring at times as their Smallville characters. I know at this moment The CW are trying to figure out what hero they can adapt.
  23. I'm actually a bit disappointed, I wanted to see what they had come up with; Have you seen the pilot? Cause only seeing images and reading possible storylines on the internet does not give anyone the right to pre-judge. This could have been a great show, NBC passed on this because they are desperate for ratings, so any negativity will make them second guess themselves. The Lynda Carter series I enjoyed, but it was way too campy even for the 70's, but we gave that series a chance and look what happened, its become part of the legacy. I hope its released on a DVD at some point, like Aquaman is going to be. If you made a Wonder Woman series or anyone who has said negative stuff on something they haven't seen yet, what would you do? Keep in mind you have TV budget(which is just a tad higher than a Low Budget film)and 2up to a 22 episode per season story arc to write.
  24. 3 days actually(a week when u posted)they are showing both episodes in the whole night