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  1. Have you ever watched the Donner cut of Superman 2?
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    Have you tried Luigi's Mansion on the 3DS yet? That's a great game.
  3. My question is, who exactly are they marketing to? It seems like they are just going out of their way to piss everyone off.
  4. Happy birthday, Mr Wilson V1!
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    I think the multiplayer in Mario World will be the same as the New Super Mario Bros games.
  6. I read some single issues recently, so this is them: Batman Confidential #8: Fun one in done story, three mini stories in one book, all not bad, the best being Graham Nolan being able to write and draw a story about the origin of the dinosaur in the batcave. Batman Confidential #20: Three more one and done stories, the first featuring Catwoman meeting the relative heroes, a team I've never heard of was the best of the three, the other stories featuring Robin and Jade and Nightwing and Supergirl were really short and forgettable. Uncanny Avengers #4: The Red Skull is a bad ass. He just stands by and watches as he tricks the Avengers into beating each other up. Fun. Uncanny Avengers #5: A character centric issue, not as good as number 4, but still an enjoyable read. Along with his Uncanny X-Force run, Rick Remender is becoming a writer I want to see more from. Avengers #4: I had no clue what was going on for over half the issue, but it looked ok, so that's something. Detective Comics Annual 1989: Mark Waid was the writer, so the worst this could be was average, and it was, just sadly average. The main issue was, it felt like a 20 page story, padded out into 40 pages. Still interesting, but not the best book I've read. The Mask Strikes Back #1: Ok, but something about this just felt inconsequential, we're told how dangerous The Mask "Bighead" is, but it's never really shown. As a first issue, I was hoping for more to try and make me track down further issues, but it isn't, it's just sort of there. Power of Shazam #1: This was the opposite of Mask Strikes Back, I now want to find some more issues of Power of Shazam, this was a fun issue, and left me kind of wanting more. Paul Pope 100% #1: I have no idea what happened in this book, outside of a stripper buying a gun. Batman Adventures #10: Bland story, good art. The story is just sort of there, dull and a quick read. Shame, I was hoping for more from a Riddler story. Justice League Quarterly #2: This was the best of the bunch. What if Galactus was in the DC Universe, and rather than destroy planets, he redecorated them, and then the B team Justice League had to join the army to take him down. One of the funniest comics I've read in a long time, every other page featured at least one good joke, and Batman hearing about the problems and just washing his hands of the whole story was awesome. Trades: 74 Comics: 17 Omnibus: 1
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    PS4 news

    That trailer seals it, I'm getting a PS4, in 2015.
  8. It's amazing how during the showing for Dead Rising 3, exclusive to XBOX 1, I went from liking the game, to thinking it was ok, to just bored with it. The original Dead Rising was the reason I originally bought a 360, but this new game, just did nothing for me. Also, the UK price point is £430, and the US is $499.
  9. That looks to be The Sun, that the story is from. A paper not just available in Glasgow, but the whole of the UK But yeah, it's likely tabloid crap.
  10. Especially when the game features Benjamin "Motherfuckin'" King.
  11. Finding Nemo looks bloody gorgeous on Blu-Ray.
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    DC reboot

    Adding to the DC September solicits, 4 Superman issues, 1 Batman/Superman issue, 4 Green Lantern issues, and 2 Teen Titan issues.
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    DC reboot Paul Jenkins discusses his problems with, and why he ultimately left DC Comics. To me, he seems to come across somewhat bitter about his experince, while not giving many actual stories of why he is bitter, and then talking up how great Boom! have been to him recently, and then saying how he can really take or leave the comic world at the moment. I think Rich tried to get something solid out of Jenkins, but he doesn't give much away, just repeatedly plugging how great his non editor messed with work was.
  14. Is that Steve Holt! in the background?
  15. I don't know, I always felt that Murder she wrote, wrote the book on....shows about murders.
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    DC reboot It looks like Batman isn't the only one getting a book a week in September, the Flash will also be joining the .1,.2, .3 and .4 club. Edit: According to Bleeding Cool, Action Comics will also be getting an issue a week in September. Edit again: And now, the main Justice League title will have one issue a week coming out in September. Aquaman and Earth-2 each get two books in September.
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    DC reboot Batman and Robin, is joining Detective and the main Batman book, with four titles in the month of September. When DC wants their fanbase to turn on them, they go all the way with it. I'm getting that Riddler issue. Scott Snyder writing The Riddler, I'm sold.
  18. Sorry, I meant to quote Stavros previous comment, yet in my absolute brilliance, I quoted the wrong bloody post This is why I shouldn't post when in the middle of lunch.
  19. I didn't know how much I wanted Benico Del Toro to play Rocket Raccoon, until I saw he was cast in this film.
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    He peaked a while back. I used to sit through all of his reviews, now I just watch the ones I might find interesting.
  21. Moon Knight By Bendis and Maleev: I loved these two on Daredevil, but here, something is just consistently off. It felt like they were just taking the basic formula for their Daredevil run, and putting Moon Knight in for Daredevil, and it doesn't really work. Bart Simpson: Out to lunch: A fun short story series. They were all to short for them to leave any impact on me remembering them explicitly, but they were fun. Simpsons Comics: Jam Packed Jamboorie: Terrible. This was just boring, the stories were just dull. Final Crisis: I read this as it was coming out, and had no clue what was going on half the time, and that was with looking for help online. The stories put in a proper reading order, and kind of reads quite well in a trade, the ending is still abrupt, but the theme is somehow more prevalent and interesting. I can now sort of see what Morrison was going for, with the idea of ideas and stories always having to be told, and information is the ultimate power, as a theme, but sometimes he just gets bogged down in doing crazy things for the sake of it, or just pulling stuff out of left field. Again, it reads a lot better in trade, but if you didn't enjoy the story when it first came out, then chances are, you'll still not want to read it in trade. Trades: 74 Comics: 6 Omnibus: 1
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    DC reboot

    Most of those look pretty bland. If the Batman issue features The Riddler on the cover, I'll pick that up (Though, not likely, as one of the bat-books not mentioned yet, is to feature The Joker as the cover star) but otherwise, those look pretty cheap and like the old trading cards from the 90's. Edit: Update: Looks like the main Batman title will be a Joker issue, so I'm going to be picking up nothing from DC then.