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  1. I hate that you'd hate me for making that hateful comment.
  2. Superman: Ruin Revealed: After reading this, I've come to the conclusion that Greg Rucka is the blandest superhero comic writer I've ever read. His work on Gotham Central was great, but here, this was mediocre. Art was fine, but the story was just awful. Bart Simpsons: Prankster Prince: This was fun, it didn't feature to much Bart, and the other characters in small doses worked. It's just a shame that for the Bart stories they had to rush into returning to the status quo. I get the feeling this was the edict from editors "Make it look like the show, do what you want, but return the toys back to the box when you're done" as some of the conclusions, such as Bart becoming the best selling writer of Radioactive Man just suck. Trades: 60 Comics: 6
  3. John Carter, it's long, but once it gets going, it's fun. Friday the 13th remake: I enjoyed it. Punisher: War Zone. The Dark Knight Rises. Yes it's inferior to the first two, but it's still an enjoyable film. Superman 3. Stupid, but a fun film.
  4. Lost in Translation and Broken Flowers are overrated, I never saw the appeal of either. Halloween. Blade 2. The X-Men Movies. A Bug's Life. Cars The Royal Tennenbaums. District 9 The majority of Tim Burton films after Batman Returns. Probably a lot more, and I'll come back later.
  5. I think Judge Dredd's sets are amazing, and the costume designs are mostly great. It's a just a shame everything else sucked.
  6. Will beat me to posting a cake for you, so I offer this instead:
  7. Is that a screwdriver in his pocket, or is he just happy to see the camera?
  8. Death: the high cost of living. Was alright, enjoyable, I sort of expected some sort of "Twist" that never actually came, which felt odd, but overall, was an enjoyable read. Even if Gaiman spent 5 pages at the end, with Death talking about proper condom use. Secret Avengers: Run the mission, save the world, don't get caught: This was pretty, other than that, I have no clue what the hell was going on most of the time. It felt you were dropped into the middle of the story, then just shown the ending and told to move right along. I was really looking forward to reading this, and I just felt the need to rush through to the very end. Simpsons: Confidential: Fun pointless stories, in the vein of the show in it's prime, but for some reason, the comics feel the need to end each story by returning to the status quo, which the show never really did in its prime, and the return to keeping things as you left them just comes in, in the last page, like an editor is constantly telling the writers "Now put the toys back in the box, playtimes over." Trades: 58 Comics: 6
  9. He's clearly the Matt Hardy of acting brothers.
  10. DMC: Devil May Cry: Fun, but it constantly felt short, I don't know what it is about some games, but they just seem to fly by, I don't know if that's a compliment, or a problem. The final boss was alright, but I had to look online to find a guide on how to defeat him as the game gave no clues on what you're supposed to do. Overall, a fun game, and it did look very pretty.
  11. Say what you want about family, cause the bastards will use any opportunity to use anything against you whenever they see fit.
  12. This should really be in the horror sub forum, and not the banter area.
  13. Yeah, I thought the art style really stood out as the best thing. I was lucky that you recommended The Case Files Volume 5, as the entire block war, that was discussed in this trade, but I don't think at any point there was an editor box saying "To find about the block war.."
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    Facebooks new thing, of showing you articles and stories from pages you didn't like, nor will probably ever like, because "It has a similar name to what you did click like to" is a little grating, or is that just me.
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    DC reboot

    I have to be honest, this is the first time I'm hearing of this fan question columns existence. So, my guess, this is to try and get extra clicks, and bring the thing back in a few months "Because the fans demanded it."
  16. I hope this doesn't come across as wrong, or morbid, but I hope that explosion is just an accident, and not an attack of some kind.
  17. Because American Dad is actually funny? And like Stavros said, over here, the channel e4 was ramming the ads down your throat every half hour, I'd be fine with it, if the show was crap.
  18. Judge Dredd: Satans Island: An island where you can do anything you want, almost like a new world Las Vegas. This was fun, but it sort of dragged at the end for me. Fun, but not one of the best Dredd stories I've ever read, though the things people were into was inventive, and different. Big Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson: Bart is clearly a one note character, and unlike Homer, you can't stick him into any situation, and it would kind of work. Apart from the final issue, the stories were all dull and forgettable, the art whoever, was solid and looked like the TV show in its prime.
  19. The problem with buying a wallet online is, you have the thing for eight days, before the coin part bursts, and that being the main reason you bought it, you're probably justifiably annoyed at the thing. In a completely unrelated note, I have to stop buying cheap wallets.
  20. This is a minor, and I stress minor annoyance I had with the editing, during your final thoughts, you slowly introduce the Star Wars theme, which is fine, but for me, it kind of took me out of hearing your final thoughts on the film as a whole, as I was kind of sitting going "Oh, that's it." and didn't really focus on what you were saying. I think you started slowly introducing the theme in and out for like five minutes, before the actual review ended. Like I say, that's just a minor complaint. Overall, and otherwise, another great episode, and I look forward to your review of Sith.
  21. I'm sorry for the people who lost their lives, but thank goodness you and your loved ones are safe right now, Dan.
  22. Walking Dead Volumes 13-15: For volumes 13 and 14, I was kind of bored, I get that we're past the point where the zombies matter, but most of the story was set around going to this new town, and as usual with WD, the shit hits the fan. I'm starting to think the books almost got into a complacent position with set pieces. Introduce new characters, introduce a new "Safe house" reveal characters hidden crimes, zombie attack, safe house isn't so safe, some new characters die, and the ones with the dark past join under Rick's regime, it's now just a case of lather, rinse and repeat, I feel. The character stuff that happens is good, well, for Rick and Carl, everyone else is just on auto-pilot for the three volumes, by just being background characters. Another issue I have was the outright in your face nature of the theme "Zombies aren't the problem. It's the people who're left!" We have Rick explaining this to us for like 3 pages, and it's just banged over your head, like the previous dozen or so volumes didn't already get that point across. The ending to volume 14 is good, but yeah, this is a real downturn in the book for me, it's not as good as it once was, and it seems like Kirkman is on auto-pilot for the most part, and like I say, just using the "Same old shit, different house" scenario. Trades: 55 Comics: 6