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  1. Time for a classic Austen stupid and cryptic moan. It's horrible to realise, you are doing something, or maybe not doing something, that could possibly hurt someone, when previously, this person did not offer the same courtesy to you, when the roles were reversed, and rather than show some common decency, they basically told you to go away.
  2. I think Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear, may be his best performance ever. I could sympathise with his reason for demanding justice, but at the same time, he made my skin crawl.
  3. I was looking for the Christmas episode of Bottom, but for some reason, the BBC has decided to block the second half of the episode worldwide. So, here's their first live show instead. Probably NSFW.
  4. I would actually prefer him to get up, and just start doing a maniacal laugh:
  5. The volume buttons on my MP3 player have broken off. The good news is, it was at full volume before it broke, so everything plays at full. The bad news is, it was at full volume when it broke, so now everything plays at full volume.
  6. Alvin and the Chipmunks 80's theme. All TMNT themes. (Except the 2003 show from series 6 on) The 2000 WWE Raw theme.
  7. Remember in the Simpsons where Professor Frink said in a court of law, that he believed Marge was involved in the JFK assassination?
  8. So, at TLC, John Cena, the world heavyweight champion, will face Randy Orton, the WWE champion, in a TLC match for both championships. This isn't a unification match, but one man will walk out as both WWE and World champion. Also, outside of the Daniel Bryan/CM Punk VS The Wyatt family tag team match, Survivor Series was another mediocre WWE PPV.
  9. Hey, that's not the wallet inspector...
  10. Well, the current series of How I Met Your Mother is the series 7 of Scrubs then. Same good characters, but something about the show just doesn't feel right.
  11. And an update to this. I finally own this Classic Undertaker figure. So, yay for that.
  12. Happy birthday! To celebrate, enjoy your very own theme song:
  13. Yeah, I'm not saying the story is bad, I would probably say it was the best Superman story I have ever read. But it just cuts right to the bone of the matter, and somehow finds a way to make Superman's stupidest villains look genuinely scary.
  14. Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow, has got to be the darkest superman story, I have ever read.
  15. The brick and mortar stores died in the UK back at the beginning of the year. They were certainly dead by the time I moved in May. I miss them. Not quite. They went into administration, then get bought out of it, and are now back in administration.