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  1. if you guys have never actually met. hows about this for the fiftieth episode of worlds finest podcast. you two meet each other face to face and on or worlds finest, or youtube, play the episode as well as having it as an mp3? just a thought. anyway another great episode!
  2. I am huge fan of Worlds finest Podcast and listen to all the episodes the days they come out. I usually listen to old episodes just to make it through the wait for the next episode. anyway What i'm asking is here in the uk(Scotland) i was only able to get up to batman-harley and ivy on dvd! that was ages ago! so i imported the rest of the batman volumes(3 and 4) and picked up superman a little piece of home and really liked it, so i went onto an import site, and i have the following options for dc dvds: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm/Batman and Mr. Freeze - Sub Zero £4.37 2/12/2008 Batman: The Complete Fourth Season [2 Discs] £6.89 11/20/2007 Batman: The Complete Second Season [2 Discs] £6.89 9/12/2006 Batman: The Complete Third Season [2 Discs] £6.89 4/10/2007 Justice League: Season One [4 Discs] £15.72 3/21/2006 Justice League: Season Two [4 Discs] £15.72 6/20/2006 Superman: The Animated Series, Vol. 1-3 [6 Discs] £27.59 6/20/2006 Teen Titans: The Complete First Season [2 Discs] £4.37 2/7/2006 Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season [2 Discs] £6.89 11/20/2007 Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season [2 Discs] £6.89 9/12/2006 Teen Titans: The Complete Third Season [2 Discs] £6.89 4/10/2007 Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo could someone look at the list and tell me what the best to import would be? i havent included new frontiers or jlu as i have already ordered them(or seen the new frontier, it was fantastic!) so i need to go through the rest and pick the best. could you post them in order of your preference? like what would you get first, second, third and not at all. if you think this is a waste of time let me know. thanks for reading this and hopefully you'll take the time to answer. p.s can i just say out of all btas episodes jokers millions is the best in my opinion, anyone else agree or disagree?
  3. i just listened to it last night, and have to agree it was fantastic to listen to! i agree with lt smash, it was just to dam short! i wish she could have had more time to go into detail about everything as it was so fun to hear her. the only other time ive heard her was on the commentarys and bonus features and she seems like a smart intelligent funny woman! can i ask what the other casts from word baloon is like, while i'm here, i know it's off topic! sorry. thanks.
  4. hey just wanted to say after you asked for reviews i posted a five star one for you! loving the shows and just thought i'd let you know that the uk itunes(the one i use as im in scotland) has two ratings myself and someone else, we both gave you five stars, and you reviews really deserve it you are the best podcast ever and thanks to you guys i just finished buying online btas volumes three and four, which for some reason where not realised in the uk! just so i can catch up, yet i am still loving the work, great job guys! also to answer any continuity errors in batman or superman the answer i would give is just say it's magic and that covers everything! great podcast and sorry for the long reply!