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  1. TNA has supposedly decided not to renew Mickie James' contract. Her appearance on the next episode of iMPACT will be her last for the company.
  2. A bad rogues gallery can be fixed by a writer who really cares about the characters, you can't really blame a bad rogues gallery on characters, as they can be very effectual, with the right writer, the right artist and the right editor, all coming together on the right day. The reverse of this thread, I would like to say the best rogues gallery, right now in comics should go to The Walking Dead. As you can understand what has caused these people to do certain things to survive, such as the group from volume 13-15 I call "The mother bears theory" these people aren't doing anything to be evil, they are just doing what is needed to survive. The worst rogues gallery in my opinion is the entire Bat-Familes. As in comics, you have several different heroes patrolling Gotham, and yet you have lots of high profile criminals causing havoc, on what seems to be a nightly basis. As fans we want to see recognisable villains, but if Gotham were real, it'd be a living hell, as you wouldn't be able to swing a cat without bumping into some deranged lunatic, and what with Snyder not revealing that a large part of the rich and powerful of Gotham are part of a secret club called the court of the owls, meaning they could be the ones allowing for easy escapes of inmates of Arkham, to take care of business they don't want to dirty their hands with.
  3. Jim Ross has decided to retire from WWE, after working for them for over 20 years.
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    DC reboot

    Reddick and Sims: Murder on the DCnU Express.
  6. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it! Apart from having a cold for most of the day, it was a pretty good day.
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    DC reboot JH Williams has decided to leave Batwoman due to editorial interference, citing problems that included not being allowed to have Kate marry Maggie Sawyer, ever.
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    DC reboot

    Or go the Superman 2 route, where Superman just kisses everyone in America, to make them forget seeing Nightwing unmask. DC can call it one more kiss, and have variant covers of Superman swapping spit with each states senator in a special 50 issue variant cover. Then he finds out thanks the internet the whole world knows, and we can have a four issue mini-series of him going from pharmacy to pharmacy to find the right lip balm to get through this situation.
  9. Or talk about saving, or going to "The grove."
  10. So you did read my screenplay.
  11. Is playing a game for around an hour long enough for you to be able to say "I can't get into this." because that's how I feel about Assassins Creed III.
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    DC reboot

    So, DC's big Trinity War event, has wrapped up, and the true meaning of Trinity has been revealed: I think DC should let Geoff Johns have a break from writing big events, even though this was better than Flashpoint, it was still a mediocre event.
  13. Happy 28th birthday! Hope it's a good one!!
  14. Talia wanted to kill her father herself, Bruce took that opportunity away from her, that's why she's annoyed at Bruce. That, and she also wanted to give her dad the middle finger, by doing what he never could, make Gotham's citizens destroy the city themselves, then take it one step further, rather than letting the city rise again, she was just going to blow it off the face of the earth. Talia says when talking to Bruce near the start of the film, you have to invest if you want to restore balance to the world. So, the only way to fix a city as rotten as Gotham was, she would have to sacrifice herself, and Bane to make sure the world was a better place. Which, is what the league always wants, or so they claimed in Batman Begins. Also, Bane was her big brother, that's how I took it, like she was an interpretation of his bear from the comics, someone for him to look after. There was nothing physical involved, in my view. And, Bruce has been out of the public eye for several years, who's not to say he got married in his time away from the limelight, or it was an estranged wife from the other years he was no longer in Gotham. That's why the valet never questioned Selina's story.
  15. I thought the movie just sort of fell apart after they started the heist. The only person any good in the film was The Rock, which seems to be the theme for all his films I've seen, a good actor in a shit film.
  16. I've been playing the PS3 version, so maybe that's why I've been having different problems. Have you got the upgrade where civilians give you health when they die, and also the one extending the area where you automatically pick that up? If not, that makes it a lot easier, also grabbing people close by for human shields then leaning against a building works, if all else fails, just getting in a car and running over as many people as you can for health pick ups also works.
  17. Is anyone else noticing slightly annoying bugs in Saints Row 4? Like the game crashing, or the targets not updating when you reach them, or things not appearing on screen?
  18. I'm the same, with playing Saints Row and now thinking about GTA. My worry is, the game will be the exact same as 4. Pretty looking, but just not very enjoyable to actually play.
  19. Thor: Gods, Gladiators and The Guardians of the Galaxy: The issues were Thor faces Hercules and the Olympians is the best. Reading this reminded me how much I hated omniscient narrators in comics, as they just tell you what you can see on the page, and take three panels just say "It's raining." Punisher: Year 1: The origins of the Punisher: Doesn't really give anything new to the Punisher story. Basically retreads most of the things any fan of the character already knows. Superman: Ending Battle: Superman battles his major villains, and minor ones, because someone else is controlling them. Pretty mediocre overall. The only interesting part was when MrMxyzptlk shows up to challenge Superman, only to see Superman's annoyed and says "I'll erm...I'll come back later." and sends himself back to the fifth dimension. Trades: 114 Comics: 17 Omnibus: 4
  20. Please let him be cast as Jimmy Olsen, please let him be cast as Jimmy Olsen.