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  1. It was in his face, but he just couldn't grab it.
  2. One thing you just reminded me is, did they ever explain how she was able to not feel pain and come back from falling off a building and breaking bones? There's a difference between not feeling pain, and recovering from a broken back. You know, unless you're Batman.
  3. Looks like TNA's new thing, is to have monthly PPV style episodes of IMPACT, where, like Destination X, they spend the weeks building up to a special episode of Impact, that will have a gimmick theme/name. The next one, will be Hardcore Justice.
  4. The second episode was a lot better. It seems like this show is following the same route as The Batman TV show, where the further it goes, the better it will be. Just keep away from pointless villains like Pyg who just show up for no real reason, other than to look strange, and have some background characters to stop Gotham looking so empty.
  5. Happy 24th birthday, Aaron!
  6. Those bloody Monkees have corrupted another youth. It's a plague I tells yah.
  7. TNA have fired Jessie Sorenson, who's known for being the wrestler who's next was broken by a botched move by Zema Ion back in early 2012. Since then, TNA gave him an office job, and have now released him from the company.
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    Yeah, that sounds about right.
  9. Unless the box office is cocaine and you like to sniff that stuff, at which point, you go right ahead, and sniff all the box office you can handle.
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    Sort of related, the one thing about my name that irks me, is when people spell my first name wrong. Not all the time, just the specific times when my name is written down the right way in front of them, and they still spell it with an i.
  11. 18) Protagonists, one male, one female. 17) Yes, a HD remake.
  12. 20 questions to figure out what game you're talking about: 20) What console? 19) Release year 20) I played it on PS3, but it's available on several consoles. Any more info would give it away easily 19) The version I played was released in 2013.
  13. Don't you hate it when you get heavily into a game, and then you come close to the end, only for a final boss to feel so pettily hard, that you just give up on the game, look up what happens on YouTube, and feel like what you've played up until that point, is kind of tainted by a stupidly hard boss?
  14. Watched it yesterday, I found it to be a mediocre opening episode, I'll probably watch a few more episodes in chunks, but right now, I just found it to be a bit bland. Was nice seeing Mister Terrific in the episode.
  15. To be fair, this time it's due to him being hospitalised and his son dying. Still amazing to me to that Flair has to pay out that kind of money, as though he was still 1980's Flair at his peak. From what I've read, Flair probably still lives like he's earning as much as he did during his peak.
  16. I tried watching Flashpoint yesterday, I found it to be boring and confusing, and turned it off after half an hour. I may go back and try and re-watch it later, but it just was so bland. DC needs to take a break from Geoff Johns comic storylines, as they clearly aren't translating as well to the screen as Under The Red Hood.
  17. I want to go to Ikea, and buy frames for things, and then put the frames on my wall, and talk about how nice the frames are, and how good a deal they were as I got them on sale, at Ikea.
  18. So, they want to create a DCUOM universe? That could be good.
  19. I agree with you, the world MITB was solid, but the "All Star" one just missed something. You missed nothing in the matches you skipped, Del Rio/Ziggler was nowhere near as good as their Payback match, The Miz is a horrible face, who deserved to get booed, and Ryback/Jericho just sucked all the air out of the room and had a flat, dull finish. The thing I found strangest was during the world title MITB, was the fans routinely chanting "We, the people" which I found a bit odd, chanting the heels catchphrase. This was easily the worst MITB PPV, which, considering how great 2010-2012 were, is still a pretty good show.
  20. Ultimate Warrior is officially in WWE 2K14, and here's him promoting that fact.
  21. I hope Joseph Parks never turns back into Abyss. I know that's where they are going, with Joseph slowly being revealed as a persona of Abyss, but he's such a better character than Abyss ever was.
  22. So the discussion about him being suitable, is now a moot point.
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    If Jim Steranko's twitter feed is genuine, it's the greatest feed of all time. If it's some parody account, it's got to be the craziest parody account on twitter I've ever seen.