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  1. Tagline: On shittier tides.
  2. That's also Seth Rogen's career in a nutshell. Just add in a few "Hey, we like to smoke weed" jokes, and you're there.
  3. Simpsons Comics: Extravaganza: The first four issues of the ongoing Simpsons comics. Apart from the bland back ups, these were enjoyable, I do wish they would stop making fun of comic fans. It worked on the show sometimes when they made fun of the Fox Network, but here, it just comes across as insulting the reader. Batman and Robin: White Knight/Dark Knight: A collection of three, three issue stories. The first one by Paul Cornell is not bad, but somehow it feels like this could have been cut down to one issue, or two at the most, three is just stretching this story to thin, especially with that ending. The second story is by Pat Gleason and Peter Tomasi, this was better, but got confusing, and they never properly explained the villains powers, which sort of ruined the story for me. The third was the return of the Red Hood and Scarlet by Judd Winick and several artists. There are three artists in this, at least one per issue, and there stills are so different, and the story itself, is just there. Why does this other villain want Jason Todd alive? Never explained. All in all, a very miss-able trade. Trades: 88 Comics: 17 Omnibus: 2
  4. Maniac: Elijah Wood as a serial killer. Was better than I was expecting, and pretty graphic, and the camera being from the perspective of the killer most of the time was really good. I wouldn't say go out of your way to watch it, but if it ever shows up on Netflix instant watch, it's worth a look. Room 237: The story of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining: This felt really cheap at times, it was a talking head compilation of people discussing the imagery of the film and some of their ideas were interesting, such as noticing the continuity errors and the colour changing German typewriter, and how the film works if you overlap the film playing backwards and forwards at the same time. However, at parts the people were giving academic answers, which felt neither right, nor wrong, but just someone reaching for things to say. At one point one of the talking head voices says "Excuse me while I go check on my son" and leaves the mic for thirty seconds, that just felt like someone that should have been cut, along with the person who said "And I will go into this scene in more depth in my film on Kubrick out next year." points like that really drag down an interesting idea. As a DVD extra for The Shining, this would have been really good, but as a standalone documentary, it's kind of mediocre. It did make me want to re-watch The Shining, so, that's something positive.
  6. Batman: Ego and other tails: Some of Darwyn Cooke's Batman/Catwoman work, including Selina's big score, which is the highlight of the trade. Batman: Black Mirror: Scott Snyder's story of Gotham as a living breathing demon started here, and right from the get go, he seems to get Batman and Gotham. He uses interesting new villains, that tie into the history of Gotham, and also features The Joker in an issue. The highlight is his new major villain, James Gordon Jr, who's incredibly creepy at points. I wish Snyder would have been given more time with Dick as Batman, as he clearly understands the character and his surroundings. Trades: 86 Comics: 17 Omnibus: 1
  7. Quite a bit to go through from me, so apologies if I ramble on. Simpsons Comics: Extravaganza: Not the best Simpsons comics I've read, but enjoyable, if a bit bland at times. Arkham Asylum: A serious house on a serious Earth: I enjoyed it when I previously read it, but this time, the book just felt kind of forced, like Batman and the rogues all sounded like pseudo-intellectuals, and all their dialogue comes across as stilted and forced. The arts still great, but just the dialogue, just felt off. Tales of the Golden Avenger: Iron Man: Stories of Iron Man, the teenage Iron Man stories were the best in this compilation book, everything was just good, but not great. Simpsons Comics Spectacular: One of the better Simpsons trades I've read recently, but still, not fantastic. It seems the fortunes of the show and comic mirror each other. When the shows at its creative peak, the comic sucks, but when the show is growing tired, the comic seems to put out some great material. Batman And Robin Must Die: Frazier Irving draws the scariest Joker I think I've ever seen. The art was great for his arc, and this should have been The Joker, that Morrison should have used since the start of his run. Someone who is genuinely terrifying, even if the conclusion to the actual story comes out of nowhere, and isn't really explained, which seems to be a theme for Morrison's Batman run. Gotham By Gaslight: First story with art by Mike Mignola is awesome. The second story is pretty bad, so overall it worked out as average. Avengers Initiative: Another mini trade, that is "The prequel to the hit movie!" I wish Marvel/DC would either chose to stop publishing these things, as they never tie in with the films, or actually get the people who write the films to write the stories, as this was just bad. Hush Beyond: Utter garbage. The book seemed more interested in carrying on the Batman Beyond DCAU storylines, than actually telling an interesting story. Batman and Robin: Reborn: The first three issues were always good, and the Red Hood story reads a lot better in one sitting, rather than in monthly issues, but it still feels like there's pages missing, as Morrison doesn't really bother to explain what is going on. Batman Incorporated: This was a mixed bag, the book felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be at times. Did it want to set up Batmen across the world? Did it want to have Batman give financial backing to other lower tier heroes? Did it just want to be Morrison said he's read a lot history books and throwing a lot of shit at the wall and seeing what stuck? Most of the stories are ok, but I was just left shocked at how jarring it was to read these changes issue by issue. I'm really starting to find myself hating Morrison's Batman run, because he clearly just wants to show how smart he is at times, and have stories that just fly over the readers heads in the hope that he sounds smart, as he routinely pulls out story pages and just says "Try and work it out now." Trades: 84 Comics: 17 Omnibus: 1
  8. The original Doink The Clown, Matt Borne has died, he was 56.
  9. I think it's the game, as I never encountered the problem before. Like I said, I put the brightness level up pretty high, and that fixed things, but I spoke to someone else, who noticed the same thing.
  10. I just played and completed all three uncharted games, over the past week and a bit, and a few things came to mind. Months back, Knightwing said the new Tomb Raider borrowed a lot from these games, and I now see what he means. It's not a bad thing, just really noticeable when playing one, when the other is fresh in your mind. The number of enemies you fight at times is downright petty, you have like 12 at one point shooting guns at you, on top of a sniper, and other ones running at you to punch you to death. This might just be me, but did anyone else find the game to be to dark, I mean literally to dark, as in I sometimes fell into pits because I couldn't see where I was going. I had to up the brightness to the highest level, before I could see half the pathways. I found this annoying mostly in the first game, but the other two are just as bad at times.
  11. That's good, and your flood pants are keeping your jeans dry. I'd call that a good day.
  12. Walter Junior from Breaking Bad should be on that list, in the hated end. He's the one character on that show I just can't stand.
  13. Blackadder 2 was my introduction to the series, so it holds a special place for me. But the writing of three, and the stories were when the show hit its creative peak. My personal favourite being the election episode. It took me nearly ten years to finally appreciate how good, if not odd in the grander scheme of the show, the first series was. And, I'm not sure if the Cavaliers special was on the DVD set, so I'm including a link to the episode from YouTube.
  14. Yes, we really must catch that man, he really is a shit.
  15. This weeks new episodes of Futurama were both awesome, with great and crazy ideas.
  16. I've lost interest in The Walking Dead comic. For me, the series peaked with issue 48, and after that, it just became the same thing over and over again.
  17. I would post a cake for you, but you know, you oldies love your golden candies. Back when you were a kid, a trip to the moon only cost a nickel, and everyone wore slacks, except on Sundays, where you wore you best iron on tie, until Uncle Joe came back from the mill, letting you know that winter was over for another sixty two starshines. Happy birthday!
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    DC reboot

    Scott Snyder's Batman: Year 0 will spillover into other titles, including Action Comics.
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    DC reboot

    So, Green Lanterns next event is known as Lights Out. It's nice to know new creative teams have only finished their first issues, and already DC is giving them a crossover to do.
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    DC reboot

    I'm not buying anything until I see them announce the issue where they get lost in Ikea, and fight with Mongul about who gets the last scented candle. It'll just be splash page after splash page of flat pack furniture throwing.
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    Congratulations to both of you!