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  1. if they remake it it will be a horrible movie they wll try to change the storry line and make it less then a dream like on jason VS freddy that wasnt as good as any VS movie to see it will be like jason x or michle myers movie it wont
  2. you need to read full metal alchamist or bleach they are both good who wouldent want 2 read about alchamy
  3. sin city was good their was just to many charicters to focuse on
  4. I think that it would look better if they yoused bigger people for the termanator and some one more bad to the bone a john conner insted of some dancing with the stars should be :devil: sissy
  5. what is the diffrence between the darkside and being evil

  6. i still need help on how to go to the comments

  7. robert why dont u call me any more i thought we had something all those nites we spend together spooning and kiss on your neck im going to crie

  8. sparks


    how can a team be that goo.they almost lost to phili but thats it and los boys they played horrible they have a great ofence and good d but back to the pats how can they be that good but win really close to the sorry miami won one :devil:
  9. your posts are cool :) hw can i fet a pic for my pic

  10. you really shouldnt watch this movie yull fall asleep like the charicter did in the movie for half of it its stupid