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  1. With other really popular characters like Gambit and Deadpool?
  2. And if they use Lizard in Four, I can't see him getting a watered down treatment at all, they've been building him for three movies.
  3. How in the world does the Nolan Batman need a reboot? Does Iron Man need a reboot, too? Hulk might as well start over again, too, while we're at it.
  4. They don't need to reboot the franchise. Not ever issue can be solved by scribbling out the last three movies. Hell, that's one of the things Superman Returns did right. Honestly, the franchise, storylinewise is in a great place. Harry is dead, so there's no more of the Goblin crap. MJ and Peter are together, but in a rocky place. They can either bring them closer, via a supervillain getting their hands on her, or that could drive them apart, either by Peter saying that "It's too dangerous for you" or MJ actually dying. Fuck, they could even kill off Aunt May like Joey Q was too big of a pussy to do.
  5. R.I.P. isn't working, but "What Ever Happened To The Caped Crusader?" is a must buy for me. R.I.P. would work if someone was really pulling the strings, but right now, it feels like twists for the sake of twists.
  6. Personally, I'd prefer that he'd never have given up the suit in the first place. But with him cancer-stricken and in that position, he should have died. Also, I still hateHateHATE Mac Gargan as Venom. EDIT: Lemme rephrase that: I love the way Venom was handled with the Thunderbolts. People were afraid of him, he threatened to eat Jack Flag, and actually DID eat Ollie Osnick's arm. But, the whole Gargan understory of "Boy, I hope I'm not addicted to the symbiote," was godawful. Brock and even Fortunano would have been better. Gargan was a loser who made it big by getting lucky, and never fit the team dynamic.
  7. Man, I didn't watch a ton of Toonami, but if thread was the only outcome of its cancellation, it should have stayed on the air forever.
  8. I did, and the title character should have passed away, leaving himself finally untormented. I'm a HUGE fan of the character and thought his death at that point would have been a perfect ending for him.
  9. Because the Adam West Batman is worth this headache.
  10. As a fan of , I want to say that Anti-Venom is a huge piece of crap.
  11. Meh, Futurama was better. And less British-y.
  12. You just hurt LostWinds' feelings.
  13. Also, twenty seven grand goes a lot farther with Dante and Randall standing around the store, as opposed to Nightwing throwing Batarangs and Superman chucking cars.
  14. I know Rogen has dropped a TON of weight, but, can he really pull this off? I love the guy, and I'd hate for him to set up a major stumbling block at this point in his career.
  15. I wish I had eighteen grand to drop on a movie.
  16. Fingernails and teeth Stab me all you want, but as soon as you start fucking with my fingernails and teeth, I get squeamish.
  17. Throw a little hyperbole out and everyone starts changing everything, lord.
  18. Kevin Levin is the greatest thing to happen to television ever.
  19. You're forgiven. They *do* have some good stuff. Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force are both very solid little action shows, and Chowder is one of the funniest shows on TV, and unites Dana Synder (Shake of AquaTeen Hunger Force) and John DiMaggio (Bender of Futurama.) Cartoon Network is one of the few networks I *know* I can turn to when nothing else is on. (Granted, it's not JLU and Teen Titans anymore, but it's solid enough.)
  20. Molly


    That read like a super long White Ninja Comic, and I loved it.
  21. Hi, I'm [adult swim] and I've got some of the funniest shows on TV, like Metalocalypse, Frisky Dingo and Venture Brothers.
  22. Molly

    X-factor love

    Issues one through 19-20 are among my favorites in comic-dom. Guido, Madrox, Rahne, Monet, Layla and Theresa were SUCH a great team, with such a great dynamic. I lost interest right around the same time Exiles went downhill.
  23. Halfway through, they switched animation studios. The second half isn't terrible. And the voice actors were all pretty decent. It's not that bad.
  24. We talk about the old 90's shows, and NO ONE mentions the 94-95 Fantastic Four Cartoon? That's the show that got me into comics, and actually DID get a DVD release, somehow.