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  1. Ron Perlman owns every comic role he's handed, Clayface, Hellboy and Slade. God, I love that man.
  2. Well done, you wily Scot. I've never listened to one of your kilted kind before, but I shall in the future.
  3. Agreed, I clearly need to go plow someone's grandma. Sex and cake!
  4. There's a Batman versus Predator short on YouTube that NAILS Joker. And the "Grayson" trailer is epic, of course.
  5. Ouch, Hames. That really sucks, man.
  6. Molly

    Dating Horror Stories

    I like making others feel bad about themselves?
  7. Molly

    Dating Horror Stories

    Unlike all of you, I'm not pathetic. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of two years, and shortly after (and am still currently) seeing her much hotter ex-roommate. Worst part is, I'm not even good looking.
  8. I tried to balance the idea of selling games and not sucking.
  9. I'll weave you some dreams, bitch. Fine, I'll play along and post mine, so you can tear it apart. MK: Sub-Zero Scorpion Kenshi Bo Rai Cho Melina Kitana Raiden (Evil Style) Goro Shang Tsung Kung Lao Boss: Shao Kahn DC: Superman Doomsday (Hi. I'm a walking fatality) Batman Hush Joker Lobo Wonderwoman Green Lantern (Hal) Sinestro Brainiac Boss: Doomsday
  10. I get what you're saying, but I just don't agree. But, hell, at least it's not Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.
  11. I dunno, Dubs, no Supes? No Bats? No Wonderwoman? I get your desire to see a bit of a different feel, but they do want to sell some games.
  12. Meh, I can call the MK guys superheroes. I mean, Sub Zero is probably Batman's equal Hand to Hand *and* he's a cryomancer. Scorpion/Shang Tsung/Shao Kahn have the whole magic thing going, and we all know how much Superman hates that. And so on, most of them would be classified as some sort of Meta-Human in DC, if they were there. Catwoman is a fucking waste, though. Also: No Kenshi OR Bo Rai Cho? Fuck that.
  13. Also: I have no idea why I'm excited for this game. I'm a huge MK fanboy, but Armageddon sucked so hard, it's going to take a miracle to get me back behind it.
  14. Rorschach might be uber violent, but when placed next to any powered being (See: Manhattan, Dr.), Rorschach is left as a fine red mist. That's why Dr. Manhattan is actually a fit, he wouldn't get the crap beaten out of him by everyone else on the list. Don't get me wrong, I love Rorschach, but he just doesn't fit.
  15. Rorschach would *not* fit this game, Dubs. Doc Manhattan on the other hand...
  16. You know, I'd compare this to the time Raven wrote that issue of Spider-Man, except that was about a wrestler... ...And Raven is a huge comic fan... ...And he's smart.
  17. Molly

    Recording software

    I'll echo the Audacity love.
  18. If I was ever gonna get a lower arm/wrist/hand tat, it'd be the Triforce on the back of my left hand, but sadly, I want to be able to get a real job, so that's a bit off.
  19. Someday, I'm gonna get this as an armband on my right arm.
  20. Molly


    Aaron Rodgers = <3
  21. God, I hope not. The fact that they're looking into Janet is good, but, I don't dig Longoria.