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  1. Buffy is no slouch with weapons, though. She always has the odds stacked againist her. SHE KILLED A GOD, for crying out loud. Blade is just another vamp. Hasta La Dusta.
  2. The Chosen One? The One Who Can Walk in the Sun? Place: Neutral City Conditions: Night, Light Drizzle. Blade has his sword. Buffy has her bag of tricks and a battle ax. Let's say Buffy is on the trail of a vampire serial killer, and believes Blade is the perp. She springs into action and it's on. Is Buffy gone, or is Blade a pile of dust?
  3. Seeing as Scorpion can summon hell-fire, I'm thinking Ghost Rider is up shit creek on that one. Easy win for Scorpion, one spear shot, and Ghost Rider is off the motorcycle and getting a ninja sized ass kicking.
  4. Juggernaut's only weakness is psychic energy. + Batman is not psychic. = Dead Batman
  5. Superman: Given a rematch, and no kryptonite/red sun involvement. Spiderman: I made my case for him in the original thread. Spidey is stronger, faster, more agile and just as smart as Batman. Throw in the spider-sense and it's a done deal. Wolverine: Super-Human healing abilities, admantum claws and skeleton. Plus the fact that he is more vicious than Batman could ever be. Silver Surfer: Need I say more? He could take anyone on this list easily.
  6. Batman, and without alot of effort. He'd trick Hulk into smoking himself pretty quickly.
  7. Wolverine with Kryptonite tipped claws? You might as well put Superman's head on a pike now. Without the kryptonite claws, Logan would get smoked. Which really sucks. I really like the premis of a Wolverine/Lobo fight, though.