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  1. He already used that song in Watchmen, during the incredibly awkward fucking scene.
  2. Today's doodles. Some input by my kids. (Not skin lamp or bloody dude. Yes to knife Bunny though.)
  3. Thirty five years of this shit.
  4. Battle Chef Molly. Is this Anime?
  5. Personally, I'm all about the horrible naked mole rat Ground type, but that's me.
  6. Building off of the last post, I made Pikachu every type.
  7. The second season of that show is miles better.
  8. "Every Pokemon should have a gun, Ben. That's objectively the only way to improve the franchise."
  9. It's done. A twenty hour draw. I'll be posting a link to the speed paint video when it's done. It's the Weird West Homebrew Setting that I have yet to run a campaign in. And the final product:
  10. All art not related to my Monster Manual Draw Through will end up here.
  11. "'I'm outside Saltmarsh. All of a sudden, this bigass barbarian crashes through the brush. He starts talking about slamming giants. We end up fighting a buncha kobolds. When stuff starts gettin rough, he says 'That doesn't work for me, brother," drops his leg on me and runs off."
  12. D is for Demons. Of which D&D has too many.