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    I've heard it, it's pretty solid Ian.
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    I love the Marlins, says this lifelong Blue Jays fan about to jump back on the bandwagon.
  3. I keep forgetting I'll actually have a tax return to fund the vacation project this year (previous years it all went to parental debt, which is all gone now), thanks James.
  4. Alright, looks like I have a real reason to make that 2 weekend, 2 con thing happen. I have to remind myself of this while I toil away on my OT tonight.
  5. If only I had the budget for that Ian. That said if I could throw that money around you vs Adham would be the first match. Also Will and anyone else, by all means distribute the link.
  6. Hey Everyone, As some of you know I create game shows for Ai-Kon, the local anime convention here in Winnipeg. I am doing Family Feud in the upcoming year and need to have some people fill out the survey to have results to work form. Please click the link below and fill out the forum. thanks for all your help. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGl5WmdlRldfVjJnVk95a1BXMmJHaGc6MQ#gid=0
  7. In the playoffs, in a deciding game. Times like this where I love the setup of my office, if the Jets made the playoffs every screen in the building (including the ones normally showing our company stats) would be showing the games.
  8. Mentioned this in an episode of AP awhile back. The Committee mockumentry, it's mostly true (and yes I know most of our acting is terrible, I don't care )
  9. As promised back on Episode 120
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    Awesome (and yes, it is available on Netflix Canada)!
  11. From Stacy Carter's facebook (she's at the hospital in Montreal for those questioning the source): "The docs are removing his ventilation & taking him out of sedation. He is responsive, which is great!!! It took a while to revive him last night so there's the concern of brain damage. He had some tests done which will show how much if any damage there is due to the lack of oxygen to his brain. Unfortunately, the results won't be in until in the morning." Those Smith Hart rumors may not have been 100% off the mark. Fingers crossed for the man.
  12. Not just any one of the Hart Brothers, Smith Hart. I wouldn't believe a word he says.
  13. First Max, I think I speak for everyone when I say OWWWWW! and get well soon, Second, I could not resist.
  14. I've been making a point to watch it off the PVR, skip the filler and commericals, makes it much easier.
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    You're just going hoping for a Kurt Angle run-in right?
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    That is just awesome, I think all Tims' double as an embassy
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    Apperently you Yankees also get the majority of the ESPN 30 for 30 series. Great series of sports docs.
  18. GAH! I have two cons on back to back weekends I am desperate to hit. I am seriously working out the logistics on trying to hit both.
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    The Music Thread

    So, after the rave/dance at Ai-Kon I have taken up a bit of an interest in mixing some tracks and trying to see if I can put together a set of some kind. I've looked around on google, but have not found much in terms of help. I have downloaded a program called Zulu and have been playing around with it, but does anyone else know of a place online that's a good resource for a guy that is just starting out and has no real clue what he's doing?
  20. I'm just going to take this as a full admission that it's not in continuity.
  21. 26 Episodes have been ordered on top of the 2nd book of 14. 52 Episodes total.