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  1. I've recently sampled a little of WCW 2000 on the WWE Network. Watching this feels like taking drugs.
  2. If you need for Awesome/Tanaka goodness look up Heatwave 98 and One Night Stand 2005.
  3. Reminds me a lot of 2000 where Jericho/Benoit/Guerrero/Hardyz/E&C started pushing out the likes of D'Lo, XPac, Val Venis, Headbangers, etc.
  4. Kscriv


    Looks like I'll be going to ACen his year. Had fun when I went 6 years ago, we'll see how it goes this time.
  5. Everyone who has an inkling of wrestling fandom needs to see NXT Takeover from last night. It was that fucking good.
  6. I hung out with Randy for how many years. People like him are gaga for that shit.
  7. Holy crap that was something to be there live for.
  8. Not just any undercover cops. But Joey Goddamned Ryan in full Super Troopers tribute mode.
  9. That moment you realize it is highly unlikely you will be able to pack all your stuff into your car at once when you move.
  10. If there is parking available I might actually consider it.
  11. So my US immigration interview, which I thought could be done in Winnipeg needs to be done in Vancouver. I'm pretty short on cash at the moment and flying/driving/hotel/taking the time off work to is not exactly ideal here.
  12. Time and opportunity will be there (will not be legally able to work and will be living in Detroit area, so close). However lack of work may mean lack of money. So a maybe.
  13. One of the best compliments I ever got from a guest of honor was that I asked God questions. Not looking forward to the usual subjects asking anything this weekend.
  14. Kscriv

    Episode 01

    Was a good listen, look forward to hearing more of them.
  15. Dubs, just tell me what you want, what you really, really want.
  16. 2 weeks from my 10th & final Ai-Kon. The game shows are done, the panels are prepped (the fiance & I even got a super unannounced guest star....yes it's exactly who you probably think it is), my schedule has been made. Despite all that, I don't have the frantic;y excited energy I once did. Is it just that I'm becoming an older guy in a young man's game? Am I being burned out on anime? Am I frustrated that I never really moved beyond being the Game Show guy? I don't know. I mean for crying out loud we got Terri Hawkes booked as a guest, how am I not over the moon here (no pun intended). Oh well, I'm sure once I get in the door of the Convention Centre all will be better, just, I feel sad that it's all almost over, and I feel sadder that I'm ok with it.
  17. Superstars & Shotgun were by and large the same show aired out of order with separate commentary during this transition period.
  18. I checked for it but could not find it. Sorry.