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  1. Bluetista The Shield broke up tonight. I'm so sad Why Seth....why'd you do it. @WWERomanReigns Trust is completely dead to me.
  2. And I will still contend that while a far cry from its peak The Simpsons is still a fine show.
  3. Hey.....hey....I'm right here with my anime podcast . Holy shit so fucking stoked if they can put a good dub together. It's going to be a bit of a transition to not be using the names that I grew up with but this is still must buy BluRay for me. Also hoping there is super success for this, I want to see an equivilent to the Rock the Dragon Set for Sailor Moon with the old dub. Did I mention SO FUCKING STOKED~!~!~!!!!!!!! (PS split for its own thread, this deserves it)
  4. If the arrivals and departures are staggered enough I could drive people. Worst case scenario is I could bug a couple friends/family to help with the travel. It's about a 90min-2hour drive depending on traffic from Winnipeg Int Airport to Belair.
  5. Oh shit this is going to be fun to listen back to.
  6. You, yes you, need to listen to this panel.
  7. It may not be the rocking party central like some of the other places, but would anyone be interested in a beach vacation in lovely Belair, MB. Take over my parents place for August Long Weekend 2015, no hotel costs to pay, no expensive meals (hit the grocery store on the way out, cook everything ourselves on the stove, oven and BBQ. Hanging out on the deck, bonfires on the beach. We'd be able to setup our video game systems and play a bunch of awesome multilayer stuff all night. Only cons would be that it is a bit out of the way, but the house is big enough to accommodate everyone (if some are ok with couches and air mattresses) and may well be the best price point option. I do like the idea of the cabin retreat, and would also like to look into the idea of hitting up a KOA Campground in lieu of a hotel if we're doing this in the summer.
  8. Currently sitting next to my gate in O'Hare waiting for my flight (which doesn't board for another 2 hours). Everything was amazing the weekend. Before I look at my credit card bill I just want to say I'd love to do it again sometime. But first sleep in my own bed.
  9. In the airport in Fargo, ND right now, with a stopover in Denver (for some reason) I'm on my way to Chicago. See you guys tonight.
  10. Depending on the travel, gametime and how many others are going you could twist my arm.
  11. So review of my itinerary says if my plane is one time and I can get myself to the subway line in time My train will get in at 7:16 PM, and it'll take me 10 minutes to get there. If anyone wants to meet me at any point along the way let me know. Anyone need my phone# check my facebook. I can receive (and to a limited degree) send texts so please contact me that way.
  12. Looking forward to hanging out with all you guys. 2 more days of work, then a night with the girlfriend in Grand Forks, then meeting up with you guys in Chicago. Party time.
  13. So who's all going to the Cubs game now, James and myself, anyone else?
  14. Happy birthday Mr. Doomsday
  15. No preference as far as what days we do what meals. The one thing I was wanting to know if there was interest was if people would like to do a run to Galloping Ghost Arcade. If there is anyone that does not know of it, here's a link: http://gallopingghostarcade.com/ One of the coolest arcades I've ever been too. It's in the suburbs, so arranging the transport may be a bit tough, though public transport is available if a bit long (about an hour each way, but hey that's just more hangout time for those going). Also, just got back from Anime Detour. Tony Oliver is a fucking awesome panelist (especially when he busts out the personal archive stuff for Power Rangers).
  16. Having come from Lester Beach, MB I have illogically adopted them as my team. GO LCFC!
  17. Kscriv


    As many have said for my team this year: If the Jays can just stay healthy they'll be just fi--ucking hell Jose.
  18. Kscriv


    I've had today off and have been watching so much TV. Next up is Archer Vice.
  19. Oh, I'll be bringing my copy to Chicago too:)
  20. Ghost Stories makes its glorious return to availablility tomorrow after a few years in licencing hell. For those who don't know the story behind it, years ago ADV picked up the rights to this otherwise underwhelming and unpopular show as part of a package deal with more importat titles. The Japanese creators gave the ADV staff nearly completely free reign with the adaptation and what we got was 20 episodes of pop culture references, fourth wall breaking lines and self written dialogue by the cast (which consists of Chris Patton, Greg Ayres, Monica Rial and Hilary Haag).
  21. So WWE actually did the sensible thing, HHH vs Daniel Bryan, if D-Bry wins he's added to the Title match later in the night. Thank God.
  22. He's supposed to be awesome. Also in a perfect world WWE would shell the money to actual use Chelsea Dagger for his intro.
  23. I really want to do the outfield bleachers ($19) again if that's ok.